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February 2009

Goatboy’s 40k Thoughts: Updating your Army.

Thomas / Goatboy 7 Minute Read Feb 23

It is 5th Edition – Evolve Your Army. Last week I talked about metagame and what it is in reference to Warhammer 40k. 5th edition changed the game up, and lately I have seen too many 4th edition armies coming to the table. I want to go over some ways you can change up your […]

POLL: Worst 40k Unit Edition

Hi all, I wanted to do something a little fun this Sunday in the spirit of the Oscars (the Razzies really). We’ve all heard so much about the terrifying units in the game lately; from Nob Bikers, to CC Terminators, to Lash Princes and so on… Its time to have some fun and check out […]

NEWS: Space Marine Casualty Models

The Space Marine Casualties are now available from GW Direct Order. The cost is $20 US for three unique models. The March 7 Apocalypse release date is only two weeks away. If you’re anxiously awaiting the Stompa and the Shadowsword/Stormlord kits, you don’t have long to wait now.

BoLS-THQ Dawn of War II Giveaway

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Feb 21

Hi guys, who wants to win a bunch of free stuff from BoLS and THQ? I thought I had your attention. In celebration of the release of Dawn of War II, BoLS and THQ are offering the following prizes for three individuals who can pass our nefarious DoW-2 trivia quiz. First Prize1 T-Shirt (L)1 Body […]

40k SNEAK PEEK: Stompa Apocalypse Datafaxes

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Feb 20

Hi all, We just got word that the upcoming White Dwarf will be have a set of new 40k Apocalypse sheets for both the superheavies and the Stompa.This is what we’re hearing regarding the Stompa: Kustom Stompa: 600pts + upgradesWS4, BS2, S10, FRONT:AV13, SIDE:AV13, REAR:AV12 I1, A4Structure points: 4-Death cannon-Gigashooter-Supa-rokit-Supa-skorcha-Supa-gatler-Big shoota-Effigy special rule OPTIONS-Krusha ball […]

FANTASY Empire Mystery Miniature…

Hi all, In the aftermath of GW Openday 2009, BoLS got flooded with pics from lots of you intrepid photographers. As I slowly picked through them and weeded out the duplicates, a few caught my eye. Some we had info on, such as the Plastic Greatswords we’ve been hearing about for Empire. Then there is […]

40k NEWS: Imperial Guard Summary Leak

Hi guys, Apparently a summary sheet of the IG codex was accidentally released by Games Workshop France and quickly pulled. While I won’t repost original GW content here, I can give you all some tasty tidbits from the sheet in question: These are confirmed correct Leman Russ Executioner’s turret plasma cannon: R: 36″ S:7 AP:2 […]

FANTASY SNEAK PEEK: Plastic Empire Greatswords

Image brought to the community by Warseer’s: Kaine We had been hearing of these for a while, but this is the first shot of them I’ve seen floating around the internet. ~Apparently these guys are part of a push by Games Workshop to make the entire Empire range available in plastic. Once you factor in […]

40k HOBBY CHALLENGE: Badab APC Edition

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Feb 18

Hi everybody, Its been to long since we had a community hobby challenge. Times have changed since the last one of these back in the days of the Macharian Crusade, and BoLS is pleased to now offer PRIZE SUPPORT!With the Badab War Campaign book coming up, and our recent completion of the Badab Logo sheet […]

BoLS, Now with Comics

You heard that right! Thanks to our great friends over at Turn Signals on a Land Raider, Bell of Lost Souls is proud to offer you a weekly strip of your favorite 40k comic strip. Check the right hand column for a new strip every week. Have a good laugh, and feel free to click […]

Goatboy’s 40k Thoughts: Metagame?

Thomas / Goatboy 7 Minute Read Feb 17

I was going to put together a painting article this week, but I didn’t get the camera I wanted to use to take step by step pics. Those interested in speed painting info will have to wait a week or so. But I swear it is coming. I also changed up my personal blog to […]

40k & FANTASY NEWS: Studio Openday 2009 – Part 2

Larry Vela 3 Minute Read Feb 16

~Folks fasten your seatbelts, there are tons more pics here to dig through. Photos by BoLS Photographer: Alex Garbett UK Design Studio Openday 2009 40K Seminar (thanks to Warseer’s: Philbrad for some of this)– Upcoming White Dwarf will detail APOC rules for Stompa’s new wargear and add a Stompa Squadron Apoc datasheet.-IG 4 plastic boxes, […]