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April 2009

40K REVIEW: Heroes of the Space Marines

Larry Vela 4 Minute Read Apr 30

A guest review by Timo Here comes another collection of Warhammer 40000 short stories, this time with a slightly misleading tittle. Really, this novel would have been better named (Anti)Heros of the Space Marines. You might share this view toward the end of this article, but for now, let’s get to the first story without […]

HOBBY: A Primer on Primer

Guest Columnist 5 Minute Read Apr 30

I am writing this for those Warhammer painters who have difficulty with spray primers, and/or are looking to get an understanding on how they work. In my experience bad spray primer results are much like auto accidents. 4% of the time is it the fault of the primer and 96% of the time is it […]

40K TACTICA: Necrons in 5th Edition

Bushido Red Panda 4 Minute Read Apr 29

As the most established Necron playing Fly Lord, it falls upon me to develop tactics and strategy for playing them. No easy task. With the coming of 5th edition, my Necron army has seen few sunny days and has spent most of it’s time in the far reaches of my gaming closet. However, nostalgia and […]

40K BIG Game Models For Games Day: Part II, Stompas

Guest Columnist 2 Minute Read Apr 29

Following on my post a few days ago regarding some of the Shadowswords and fliers for this year’s Games Day 40K Big Game, here are pictures of some of the Stompas you’ll be seeing too. Like the Shadowsword pictures, these are just a small sampling of many models that will be used. I hope you […]

40K RUMORS: Plastic Trygon “Confirmed”

News brought to the community by: Word on the tubes is that the Plastic Trygon seen in the Apocalypse book is real and headed our way, possibly timed for a release along with an updated Codex: Tyranids (next year). ~Apparently the series of “big models” will continue slowly into other xenos races. Hooray!

40K Poll: Mechanized Edition

Alright folks. Everyone loves a Warhammer 40000 poll and today we have a juicy topic. There are many schools of thought within the 40k community regarding the role of mechanized lists. Some say all infantry, while others say 100 mech is the way to go, while others advocate a hybrid. The pros and cons are […]

40K Hobby: Mono Wheel Space Marine

Guest Columnist 2 Minute Read Apr 28

This unique model was built by a friend of mine who also frequents the GW Battle Bunker in Maryland. In fact, being an avid converter myself it was the conversation piece that caused me to speak to him in the first place a few years ago. If it happens to be sitting out on the […]

40K RUMORS: Space Wolves Minis?

Whispers on the wind tell us the following: Space Wolves have two new main sets planned:-Wolf Guard in Terminator armour.-Plastic Long Fangs set. Currently the Grey Hunters and Blood Claws aren’t getting much of a makeover; however, there is the high probability of a BT/DA style upgrade box/sprue. There will also be several new metal […]

40k EDITORIAL: The End is Nigh (IG)

Guest Columnist 2 Minute Read Apr 27

Hi all, it’s Jwolf here to tell you that the End of the World is nigh. If you are one of the majority of Warhammer 40k players and theorists, you are playing Fifth Edition as if it were simply a modified version of Fourth Edition. I see so many terrible lists constructed and praised that […]

EPIC: The Quintairn Conflict

Larry Vela 6 Minute Read Apr 27

A guest post by Gr00v3r Starting on the Epic Campaign TrailIf you play a lot of tournament-style Warhammer 40,000 or Epic:Armageddon games with your mates, you eventually start looking for ways to vary the gameplay a little. One way of mixing it up a little is scenario play, which is a lot of fun, but–to […]