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July 2009

40K NEWS: Hellhound and LR Demolisher Ship

Attention Treadheads. Its time to pull out the wallet because the new all-plastic Demolisher and Hellhound kits are on store shelves now. Hellhound $49.50Demolisher $49.50 Also out this week are a trio of vehicle accessory sprues: Leman Russ Accessory Pack $13.25LR Crusader Pack $19.75Ork Battlewagon Upgrade Pack $13.20 ~With both of these combo-kits, a large […]

The BoLS Lounge is Open

Today is a big day for BoLS! After months of preparation and planning, we are proud to open the BoLS Lounge to all of our readers…. so get on over there and reserve your name. You will find a link to the Lounge in the top nav-bar for easy access, and more interactive Lounge elements […]

EPIC: GW looking at supporting again?

Matthew Otter – Space Marines If you have been following my series on Epic:Armageddon, you will already have read about mine and others’ lamentation regarding GW’s apparent lack of enthusiasm for their Specialist Games products. It’s because of this apparent lack of enthusiasm that I was more than a little surprised to learn about the […]

40K RUMORS: Space Wolves Roundup

Collated info brought to the community by Warseers: The DudeGENERAL INFO-To be released October 2009-Codex written by Phil Kelly-Space Wolves will supposedly be “even less Codex Astartes” than they were before. This would cover unusual squad sizes etc. RULESArmy-wide Special RulesSagas – Characters can take special skills called Sagas. They are said to work similar […]

BoLSCon: 3 Week Alert!

BoLSCon 2009August 22-23Doubletree Hotel, Austin, Texas BoLSCon is just 3 weeks away! UBER-PRIZESRemember back when we said we had $4000 in prizes and giveaways? OOPS, now its up to over $11,000 of value, with more prizes and gifts still coming in! That averages out to more than the cost of the BoLScon Floor Pass per […]

40K PLAY AID: Badab Teaser – The Minotaurs

Hi Guys, Badab is merely days away, and we are working on proofreading. For all you guys salivating for some Badab-era fun, here is a look at one of the more challenging paint-schemes to ever grace a tabletop. I present… Captain Minos and the Minotaurs. This is a space-based chapter that led an epic hunt […]

40k Deep Thought: Killing VS Surviving?

So I’ve been having a lot of discussions about what is the single key element that a unit can have in 5th edition. Without boring you with the myriad details, the lines have been drawn in the sand between two main camps who both think they have 5th edition all figured out: The Butchers“It doesn’t […]

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