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August 2009

40K: Observations from the BoLSCon floor

Guest Columnist 2 Minute Read Aug 31

Before I get too far, realize that as the TO, I had to be in a lot of places, so sitting and watching games from start to finish was essentially impossible. Nevertheless, I noticed a few interesting things overseeing a few hundred 2000pt games: 1) 80% of rules questions are based on remembering old rules […]

40k Pic of the Day 8-31-09

BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD G..*KA-BLOOM!!!*~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

FFG SNEEK PEEK: Rogue Trader

This one has been bubbling just under the surface for the last few months. Fantasy Flight Games is gettng ready ro roll out the sister product to Dark Heresy for even more role-playing adventure in the 40th Millenia: Rogue Trader. Over the last couple of months FFG has cranked out:-Teaser adventure :Forsaken Bounty-Introductory Adventure: Dark […]

40K/WFB TACTICA: To Spam or Not to Spam?

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Aug 30

Hi guys, Lets talk today about one of the most venerable army building philosophies out there: Spamming. First a definition:SPAM ARMY: An army designed to contain as many identical min-maxed pieces of equipment or optimized units, based on a mathematical determination of the equipment/unit’s superiority on a per/point cost basis.Once you get the basics of […]

40K RUMORS: Space Wolves Latest

Larry Vela 4 Minute Read Aug 30

Rumors brought the community by Warseer’s: Slashgod and Librarium Online’s: Zarahemna Lots of Space Wolves stuff kicking around the net these last few days. Lets get right to these: Slashgod I asked him about Björn and the rumour about his AV14. He responded that he couldn´t tell,but Björn would be the most survivable Cybot in […]

40K NEWS: Forgeworld IA Updates

A quick one guys, Forgeworld has released another set of rules updates for Imperial Armor Volume 1 and 2. These are large documents that update almost all the units in those two books (the IG, Space Marines, Inquisition) to bring them into line with 5th Edition, Apocalypse, and the new Space Marine and Imperial Guard […]

40K All Day Sept. 5, Tank Building, & More

Guest Columnist 2 Minute Read Aug 29

All North American GW Hobby Centers will be running a “40K All Day” event on Saturday, September 5. This comprises a running mega battle, a demonstration of the Planetary Empires expansion set, and assistance with building tank kits. Anyone who’s been putting off finishing their vehicle kits due to difficulty getting them assembled, this is […]

40k Pic of the Day 8-29-09

Pic submitted by an Aaron ProvostSons of Medusa advance at BoLScon~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

40K NEWS: Forgeworld Orks & Vraks

Hi guys, Forgeworld just released a TON or orky stuff today: Big TrakkEnclosed TrukkFlakk GunGretchin CrewBig ZzappaKil-kannonBig LobbaSupa-Kannon Siege of Vraks Part 3 and the full set of Vraks books with slipcover is also now shipping. ~The Ork kits are designed to be modular, so you can mix and match the weapons with many of […]

Pardon Our Dust

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Aug 28

As I’m sure you’ve noticed BoLS has a new fangled layout. Let me get a few points out of the the way, then you can have your say. 1) The old layout was reaching the end of its abilities. We had used it for a little over a year (which is 10 years in computing […]

40K: Armored Might of the Guard

Guest Columnist 4 Minute Read Aug 28

Painting large quantities of models can be done quickly with fairly good results. The picture above and the one just below show the massive quantity of tanks I’ve finished for my Imperial Guard army so far. This article is a follow-up to my recent articles on converting and painting Imperial Guard tanks. I’ve now finished […]

Goatboy’s 40k Thoughts: Fail is the Suck!

Thomas / Goatboy 4 Minute Read Aug 27

First of all, thanks to all the people I met and played against at BoLScon. It was a blast to be there, and for something that was only a thought 3 months ago, it was extremely well run. I might have had some issues with some of the missions but that meant next to nothing […]