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May 2012

Colossals Teaser: General Nemo

Our good friends over at Privateer Press wanted to show a little leg on the upcoming General Nemo.  Take a look. Artificer General Nemo – Cygnar Epic Warcaster   Lightning Strike [1x] (None) RNG: Ctrl ROF: 1 AOE: – POW: 10 Damage Type: Electricity Lightning Generator – When a model is hit with this weapon, […]

40K Rumors: On Flyers and a Party

Remember when we were talking about those missing Warhammer 40,000 flyers… On Parties: First there is this little thing from Games Workshop Adelaide’s Facebook page: JUNE 2nd 2012: IT’S PARTY TIME! Today we have a super secret release that we can’t talk about (mainly because we have no idea what it is!) so it’s time […]

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