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April 2014

40K 7th Edition Early Rumblings – Rules Percentages

Following up on this week’s report of GW ramping up for 7th Edition in May, here’s the latest batch of rules morsels of what we will see: Overall, we are NOT looking at a massive overhaul to the game.  Look for a lot of fine tuning, and massaging of the more broken parts of the […]

Wargames Gallery 4-30-14

First it was alligators in the sewers, then CHUDs, now this… Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do! Warhammer 40,000, Fantasy, Warmachine/Hordes, DUST & Flames of […]

HOBBY: Create Realistic Snow in 3 Minutes!

In this tutorial we show you a very easy way to create a realistic snow effect for your bases. Using inexpensive material you can find in your home. For this tutorial your going to want: baking soda, cheap white acrylic paint, PVA glue or school glue, a base ready for snow, and a cheap brush. […]

Warmachine: Why You No Pronto?

Revenant 4 Minute Read April 30

Arguably the best warjack drive in the game, sees very little use. Here is why you should get him on the table.Today’s warmachine lists really don’t see too much jack marshaling.  I think it is a combination of factors.  You can’t load up a jack with full focus, you can’t marshal character jacks, and sometimes […]

40K 7th Edition Early Rumblings

Following up on this week’s report of GW ramping up for 7th Edition in May, here’s the latest batch of little morsels of what type of rollout we will see: -The initial rulebook is said to be another “telephone book” in the 500pp+ size.  So look for something on par with what 6th looks like. […]

WFB LORE: Lustria, Welcome to the Jungle

Mengel Miniatures 9 Minute Read April 30

We often look at 40K Lore, but today we are going to delve deeper into the history of the realm of Fantasy Battles – Welcome to Lustria!While many people think of the typical medieval, european setting when Warhammer Fantasy is mentioned there are actually a wealth of other settings that occupy that world. Far across the Great […]

Why I am Happy for a Possible 7th Edition of 40K

Reece Robbins 6 Minute Read April 29

Hey everyone, Reecius here from Frontline Gaming with a few thoughts on a potential 7th edition of 40K.  We’ve all heard the rumors that a 7th edition of 40K may be eminent. We don’t know yet until it pops up on the GW Website, but this has been a rumor on the wind for a […]

Wargames Gallery 4-29-14

“Ah you think the grim darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the grim dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!” Caption by William Lang, mini by Nikolakeas Enjoy. If you have an […]

The Awesomest Dwarf of Them All!

I saw this on YouTube and I couldn’t stop laughing (or watching).  Move over Josef Bugman… Also, can some marketing genius tell me why we don’t have a Game of Thrones 28mm wargame yet? Apparently Dark Sword makes a whole line of 28mm minis here. Hello – FREE MONEY??  Nobody in this industry wants FREE […]

GW Customer Service and 7th Edition…

Following up on yesterday’s report of Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition, an intrepid reader takes the question straight to GW – and gets and answer… via Clockwork “Customer Service emailed me back about the rulebook (emphasis mine):” Hello there,Currently the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook is out of stock and I do not have a date as to […]

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