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10 CRAZY Legal 40K Armylists (soon enough)

May 6 2014

By now everyone is talking about the craziness possible with Warhammer 40,000’s Unbound lists.  Here’s just a taste of what you can bring.

The ground rules, I am using a 2k point limit and throwing in the odd unit here and there for theme:

1) Pask’s Heroes
Pask, 12 Leman Russes, and some change…

2)The Horror, The Horror
10 Winged Hive Tyrants

3) Apocalypse WOW (queue Flight of the Valkyries)
14 Stormtalons, 2 Stormravens

4) Dead Men Walking
4 Wraithknights, 8 Wraithlords

5) The Greatest Good
1 Uber-commander, 10 Riptides

6) Obliteration!
Chaos Lord, 27 Obliterators

7) Change You Can Believe In!!
Fateweaver, 187 Pink Horrors

8) Da Lord Humongous – Masta of da Wasteland
Warboss, Battlewagon, 60 Buggies

9) Thunder, Thunder, ThunderWolves!
Wolf-lord, 30 Thunderwolves, 40 Fenrisian Wolves


10) Mars Attacks!
3 Doom Scythes, 16 Night Scythes

It’s gonna be a spammers paradise out there!

Have fun out there!  What’s your fevered brain coming up with?

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