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Aug 22 2014

Board up the windows, lock the door and hide the kids – Nagash is BACK!

Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead $105

Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead and father of necromancy has returned, and the Warhammer world will never be the same again.

Resurrected by dark ritual, the immortal Lord of Death is an awe-inspiring centerpiece miniature. Borne aloft by tendrils of ethereal energy and tormented spirits, his unique silhouette looms over the battlefield with an air that promises to usher in a new era of darkness.

This multi-part plastic kit is equipped with an array of Nagash’s most precious artifacts. Upon his brow sits the Crown of Sorcery, while his hand grips either Alakanash, the Staff of Power or Zefet-nebtar, the Mortis Blade. He is clad in Morikhane, the Black Armour, and orbiting around his sorcerous frame are nine ancient books, each one containing the terrible secrets of animating the dead.

Nagash can be assembled either reading from one of the ancient tomes – the Liber Mortis – and holding the Staff of Power aloft with the Mortis Blade secured to his waist. Alternatively you can replace the Staff with the Mortis Blade and add to the ethereal energy that surrounds Nagash by equipping a spirit-entwined arm. The full rules for using Nagash in games of Warhammer are included in Warhammer: Nagash. They can also be found in the construction booklet that accompanies the miniature.

This volume details the fateful events following Nagash’s return to unlife, and his plans to unite all the Undead of the Warhammer World under his supreme command. This terrifying new chapter in the history of the Old World is revealed over two mighty hardback tomes which are presented together in a sturdy slipcase.

Warhammer: Nagash Book 1 is a 296-page volume which provides a narrative sweep of the events surrounding the return of Nagash. From Bretonnia and the Empire, to Nagash’s birthplace in the Land of the Dead, vast battles are fought, the dead rise and nothing will ever be quite the same.


Warhammer: Nagash Book 2 is a 96-page volume that contains new scenarios and rules based on the events in Warhammer: Nagash Book 1. It includes the full rules that will allow you to field Nagash and his loyal subjects – along with all-new rules for some of the most powerful heroes of the Old World, such as Valten and Vlad von Carstein – in your games of Warhammer.

Armies of the End Times can also field more Lords – to up 50% – and the brand new spell lore – The Lore of Undeath – allows every wizard, mage and sorcerer to wield the fell magic unleashed by Nagash. There are also army lists that allow you to create a unified army of Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts known as the Undead Legion.

This Webstore Exclusive edition includes five art prints within an art wallet and an annotated map which expands on the fateful events following Nagash’s return to unlife. The terrifying new chapter in the history of the Old World is revealed over two mighty hardback tomes which are presented together in a magnetically sealed slipcase which is detailed with a spot-UV varnish.

Nagash has released a howling gale of death magic that is sweeping across the Warhammer World. Now every wizard, mage and sorcerer can wield the fell magic from the Lore of Undeath.

Warhammer Battle Magic: Lore of Undeath contains the complete set of the seven Lore of Undeath summoning and augment spells.

This multi-part plastic box set contains 22 models: a Grey Knight Purgation Squad of 5 miniatures, a Grey Knight Strike Squad of 10 miniatures, Grey Knight Paladin Squad of 5 miniatures, a Space Marine Land Raider and a Nemesis Dreadknight.

HOLY MOLY – the Nagash model is HUGE!  You must go look at the 360 view and the picture with the Skeleton for scale!


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