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40K Advent Day 12: Loyalty, Hunger & the Greater Good

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Dec 12 2014

Ultramarines, Tau, and Tyranids are at the top of the list today!

Broodlord Painting Guide (ebook) $4.99

The Lurking Horror
In a galaxy of monsters, the Broodlord is amongst the most terrifying. A great, hulking horror capable of tearing through almost any foe, the Broodlord is a striking xenos arch-fiend whose chitinous hide echoes the colours of the Tyranid hive fleets.

How to Paint
This product is an excerpt taken from Invasion Swarms: Tyranids Painting Guide, detailing step-by-step how to paint your Broodlord and providing top tips on how to make this imposing Citadel Miniature really stand out on the field of battle.”


“Ultramarines sergeants Sicarius and Numitor spearhead an assault on a tau-held world. As their jump-pack clad Space Marines clash with powerful tau battlesuits, the two sergeants discover that the Tau Empire and the Imperium of Man may have as many similarities and differences – but does that matter when the xenos threaten the Emperor’s realm?”

~ I sense a Ultras-Tau teamup in the making…


Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K BREAKING: BLOOD ANGELS - Priests & HQs