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Mynock Squadron Podcast XIV: News and Tips!

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Apr 27 2016


X-Wing Pilots, we return to our Mynock roots to deliver rules, news, and tips!

After the darkness of the intentional draw furor, FFG Organized Play has given us a new hope! We discuss rules changes and the tantalizing previews from the impending Imperial Veterans pack.

We then throw the spotlight on the YT-1300 Freighter, and return to our regular features of exploring upgrade cards and tips.

Show Synopsis:

[00:00:00] Rules Clarifications
[00:10:00] News! Imperial Veterans!
[00:30:00] Ship Spotlight: YT-1300
[00:47:20] Upgrade Card Discussions
[00:54:40] Rookie Tips
[01:04:05] Advanced Tips
[01:15:00] End Notes

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Dee Yun
Brad Miller


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Author: Dee Yun