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40K CSM Codex: Chaos Primaris are Only a Matter of Time

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Aug 08

The CSM codex has some not so subtle hints of what’s coming in the future for Primaris marines.

Everyone know’s about the Emperor’s new golden boys, the mighty Primaris Marines.


But nothing can ever stay pure in the Grimdark. Take a look at what the evil scientist of Chaos has cast his eye’s upon according to these two excerpts from the new codex.

Fabius Bile is covetous…

 Fabius’ Dream…



Now the Chaos Space Marine codex just came out, but I could easily see Fabius and a squad or Chaos Primaris, or perhaps even whole squads of them in a future campaign book similar to Traitor’s Hate. Just think of what GW could do with a CSM upgrade sprue for this kit:

Plus, let’s be honest – Fabius’ mini is WELL past it’s prime.

I’ve been stuck with this mini since the 2nd Edition CSM Codex!



~ How long do you think GW will hold out before unleashing Chaos Primaris marines upon us and how would you do it?


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