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X-Wing: TIE Silencer Preview

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Nov 30 2017

Fantasy Flight Games is previewing the TIE Silencer!

The TIE Silencer is a new ship that’s will be arriving later this year. It’s a small ship that will be packing a big punch as it has the firepower, speed, hull, shields, tech and the pilots to make this one an impressive ship!

via Fantasy Flight Games

The basic stats on this ship are pretty impressive:

  • 3 Firepower
  • 3 Agility
  • 4 Hull
  • 2 Shields

It comes standard with a lot of useful actions and upgrades, too. It’s got the all the signs of an arc dodger but what really sets it off is the dial:

That is a LOT of green! This ship is FAST – almost too fast! it only “lacks” at the slow end but it has a green 5 maneuver and a green 4! This ship doesn’t just get by on speed either, it’s highly maneuverable in the 2-3 band as well.


The Pilots

FFG showed off two of the Aces that will be flying this ship:

Kylo Ren is back and he’s packing “I’ll show You the Dark Side” condition card. That’s not really that new so we’ll just keep moving…

“Blackout” is an exciting new pilot! Why? Because he wants to fly dangerously close to all manner of space junk on the board. He will be an absolute beast when battling through clutter – but only the brave and the skilled player are going to want to really give this ship a go. If you like to fly dangerously, “Blackout” is the one for you!

Combine this ship with Trick Shot or the new Debris Gambit for added fun.

The Upgrades


Debris Gambit is a new EPT slot upgrade that lets you tack on extra evade tokens your ship for each obstacle at Range 1, to a max of 2 tokens. Again, if you like flying through risky areas this one will reward you for doing so…as long as you don’t hit anything and lose your action.


Advanced Optics is a new tech card that is basically a Focus bank. Not much more needs to be said about it…


This title has a nice boost for both your offense and defense. It allows players to get away from cards in the EPT slot like Predator if you want re-rolls and opens up some different options. For ship that looks like it will be agile enough to choose when it will engage, this title seems perfect. Plus, it’s got the added bonus of allowing you to chuck it for re-rolls of your defense dice if you whiff.



Threat Tracker is pretty dirty! It allows you to use your Target Lock to get an “out-of-sequence” boost or barrel roll. This could be perfect for slipping out of their arc to avoid getting shot at! The best defense in X-Wing is to never get shot at.

TIE Silencer Expansion Pack $29.95

Engineered for speed and incredible handling, the TIE silencer is devastating in the hands of those who can unlock its full potential. Lesser pilots, however, are often overwhelmed and unable to maintain control of the nimble craft. Fortunately for the First Order, the TIE Silencer Expansion Pack for X-Wing™ pairs its sleek and menacing, pre-painted miniature starfighter with a quartet of talented pilots, including the dark side Force user Kylo Ren. Additionally, you’ll find twelve upgrade cards, one condition card, a maneuver dial, and all the plastic and tokens you need to launch this lethal fighter into action!


That’s a ship so fast it would make Han Solo jealous…

Author: Adam Harrison
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