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March 2018

40K: Codex Drukhari Deep Dive

Adam Harrison 2 Minute Read March 31

We’ve got Codex Drukhari and we’re going over all the datasheets in to scope out what’s new and what’s improved. Plus we brought in an a Dark Eldar player from way back to help out with the break down in our latest Deep Dive!

40K Deep Thought: Detachments, Deepstrikes & HQ Limits

Adam Harrison 6 Minute Read March 30

After the big meta shift from LVO 2018 to Adepticon 2018 folks have been pointing the finger at different culprits. “Flyrants are the problem!” or “No, it’s the Deepstrike/Alpha-strike problem” – but what if it’s an issue with something much deeper in 8th Ed Warhammer 40,000?

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