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November 2018

Board Games Top 10: Featuring Just One

Matt Sall 3 Minute Read Nov 26

It’s not Highlander, but it’s pretty close. If instead of Connor MacLeod it’s a card with words on it and instead of The Quickening it’s writing down different words. Because at the end there will be Just One.

ToyLand: Labyrinth Fans – The Goblin King is Finally Here

Mars Garrett 2 Minute Read Nov 26

  Chronicle Collectibles has worked with masters like Phil Tippet and Syd Mead. The company aims to make their reproductions as accurate as possible, and work directly with their licensors and artists through the entire design process. They’re very hands on, and that shows with their first use of the Labyrinth license.

40K: Formations Return To The Tabletop…Sort Of

J.R. Zambrano 3 Minute Read Nov 26

Vigilus Defiant introduces a swath of new rules and lore, like the new Primarisized Marneus Calgar, but far more exciting than Primaris Marines having a canonical way to “upgrade” everyone are the introduction of “Special Detachments” – Meet Formations 2.0!

40K: We Need To Talk About The New Marneus Calgar

Adam Harrison 5 Minute Read Nov 26

Marneus Calgar is a legendary Hero of the Imperium. He’s been a long standing and faithful servant and protector of Mankind. He also did his Primarch proud in his absence. And now he’s getting the Primaris Treatment. What does that mean for Space Marines moving forward?