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AoS: Looncurse Already Sold Out

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May 10 2019

Well that was quick! It appears that Looncurse, the latest Battle Boxed set from Games Workshop is already sold out online – get it if you can!

If you were on the fence about getting a copy of Looncurse, I have some bad news for you – it out of stock on the US GW site already.

Looncurse $160 Sold Out

It’s a little surprising that it’s already no long available online. It sure seems like GW might have underestimated the demand for this product. Then again, it was a bit of a splash release and it sold out so…mission accomplished? It may still be available at your FLGS and, if it is, it’s one heck of a deal. Our initial pricing breakdown of the  contents was off by $37 – which is the cost of 5 Tree-Revenants. Which means it was an even better deal that we initially thought!

Looncurse was only $160 and had almost $280 worth of miniatures inside the box – that’s a deal no matter how you slice it. No wonder it sold out so quick! On top of that, it’s got the “fun” parts of both the Gloomspite Gitz and the Sylvaneth armies. If you’re going to run Gloomspite, you probably want to run a lot of Squigs and this box has you covered. And if you wanted to play Sylvaneth, Tree-Revenants were nice, but the Kurnoth Hunter and new Arch-Revenant were the pieces you really want.

It really is one heck of a deal. Here’s hoping that GW notices and either puts out a second printing or at least takes some notes! Obviously there is a market for these types of battle boxed sets for AoS – but it has to have the right mix of models for folks to want to snap them up. Looncurse just so happened to have the right mix. Are we going to see GW learn from this one and make more battle boxes in a similar vein? Man, I sure hope so!

If you were on the fence and you come across this box you might want to get off that fence and buy it or be at peace with skipping this deal.

Note: Again, this is for the US Games Workshop Webstore and does not take into account stock levels at your FLGS.

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