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Op-Ed: Games Workshop Still Has Many Games to Relaunch

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Jan 15

Games Workshop has revived so many of their games these last few years, but there are still many left. Let’s take a look.

In the last few year GW has been on a ear and has brought back a lot of games from the times of yore. Just look at these:

  • Kill Team
  • Necromunda
  • Areonautica
  • Adeptus Titanicus

Still So Many More

But GW still has a lot of games to cover from their 30+ year history. Here’s just a sample taken from their back catalogue:

Battlefleet Gothic (1999)

Yup, the old 40K space combat game is highly regarded. It was a fan favorite that lived for several years, got expansions and was regarded as a fantastic system (until the Necron fleet showed up). It has spawned successful video games and would probably be a hit.

Inquisitor (2001)

With Necromunda, Kill Team and Warcry coming back, things may be a bit crowded for 54mm ultra detailed skirmish rules. But you never know.  Hey, what if they UP the scale and let you use those Bandai action figures?

Warmaster (2000)


Is there space for a small scalse version of Warhammer Fantasy. Color me biased, but I think a revived and invented Warmaster is just what the doctor ordered to set the grand return of The Old World in.

Man O War (1993)/Dreadfleet (2011)

Man O’War is fondly remembered, and Dreadfleet less so. But hear my out. Set a new naval game in the Mortal Realms. Cities of Sigmar fleets, Chaos fleets, Deepkin turtles, sharks and other beasties, Kharadron fleet on flying bases. This could get good fast!

EPIC (1989)

Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica have each taken a bite out of what old EPIC was, but still people remember the beautiful combined arms armies duking it out. Mabye one day it will return, or just as a set of White Dwarf “mashup rules” for the existing games. But it needs to happen.


Dark Future (1988)

So let’s be honest – this is just Mad Max, and Car Wars mashed into one. But set it on Necromunda, and add in all those Orky SpeedWaaaghs and you have a recipe for a fun game. The venerable game isn’t dead, and was licensed for video game use as recently as 2015.

Warhammer Historicals (1998)

Total longshot, but people forget that GW did make a full set of historicals back in the day. I doubt they would ever bring it back, and it looks like the entire division was moved to be under Forge World’s umbrella, then quietly disbanded.  But hey, I never thought I’d ever see Aeronautica return from its forgotten Forge World roots.

~Which of these do you most want?

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