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D&D: Five Pieces Of Gear Every Adventurer Should Have

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Aug 12 2020

Never be caught off guard by a dungeon again–forget your rations, here are five things every adventurer needs to survive a dungeon crawl.

Dungeon Crawling is a difficult endeavor that involves considerable risk to yourself. If you’re going to attempt it, you’ll want to make sure you have the equipment you’ll need to survive. You’ll need weapons and armor, sure, but here are five other pieces of gear you’ll want to bring with you to every dungeon.


These tiny spiked bits are a perfect implement. In the cramped confines of the dungeon you never know when you might need to beat a hasty retreat, but if you scatter caltrops behind you you can slow down any pursuer as you make your escape back to your party (if you were scouting ahead) or into open ground where you can shut the door behind you.

Spike and Hammer

But once you’ve shut the door, you want to make sure no one can just open it. A hammer and some spikes are every adventuring party’s best friend. There comes a time when you’ll invariably need to take a short rest (or a long one, if you decide to listen to your wizard). Use a spike to hold the door and keep enemies from getting at you while you recuperate.

Bag of Sand

A bag of sand is an adventurer’s best friend. It’s an extra bit of weight you can use to keep pressure-related traps from setting off, sure. But it’s also a great way to find hidden doors if you suspect there might be some, or scatter around if a foe becomes invisible and you lose track of them.

A Mirror


A simple handmirror can help you see carefully around corners, under doors, or engage with monsters that have gaze attacks without necessarily exposing yourself to them. Plus, you can make sure you look perfectly coiffed so you go into battle looking your best.

An 11-Foot Pole

Because everyone expects the ten foot pole. With this, you’re standing a foot back, and as we’ve seen being on the other side of a five-foot square makes all the difference.

Bonus: Your Friends

It’s dangerous to go alone, after all.

Happy Adventuring!

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