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Warhammer 40K: Birth of the Space Marine Spartan

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Feb 01

Today gamers we are headed back to 1989 to the birth of the big bad Spartan Terminator Transport. You won’t believe its model!

Today we step back to November 1989 and White Dwarf 119. It was a jam-packed issue with everything from 40K Orks, to Nurgle, to Battleship Gothic (a Battlefleet Gothic’s predecessor). But we are here to look upon an origin story. This issue gave us the Spartan. Not a model mind you. Back then GW would often throw out rules and give you instructions on how to convert the model yourselves out of their existing kits.

There was only the Land Raider kit to base the Spartan off of, but that just part of the hobbyist challenge.

The Rules

Note the origin story of the Spartan, set during a daring assault set during the Horus Heresy. At this time, the Spartan was designed to carry Terminators and wasn’t the super armed version we would get decades later in 30K. It was an open-topped El-Camino made for the bulky Termy suits. But the resemblance to the modern kit is unmistakable!

Also, note that rules for disembarking Terminators at high speed! Watch your step big fellas!

The Model

Now onto how to build one of these bad boys for your army:


Yes, you used the tracks from the Land Raider flipped over, and a hull using bits from the Rhino sprue, and a LOT of plasticard, plus some slotta-bases here and there. Last but not least, don’t forget the original Spartan identification logo. You could paint up one of those on your current Spartans for that little bit of 40K nostalgia. Onto the finished model:

Tony Cottrell’s original masterpiece. Loving it!

~Anyone have any sightings of these ancient primogenitors of the Spartan line?

Today’s version

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