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Warhammer 40K: Just The FAQs Ma’am – Point Changes In

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Feb 04

A new round of FAQs has hit for Warhammer 40K with updated power rating and point costs for every faction. Check it out.

Well folks, it looks like we’ve all got some reading ahead of us–the newly updated Munitorum Field Manual 2021 Mk 1 and Power Rating 2021 updates are in, which means it’s time to go check your favorite units to see what’s changed. Whether you’re playing with Power Rating or Points, you’ll find the newest guidelines.

And unfortunately, at press time at least, the changes aren’t actually marked, so you’ll have to just download the new information and update your army totals as you go. Fortunately, however, everything is all in one big document. So whether you’re looking to field the most hardcore, tournament-ready force, or you just want to see how many Stompas you can technically fit in at 2000 points your newly minted Ork army list, you’ll have what you need.

The answer is two. They’re 900 points each. But what more do you really want in an Ork army anyway? You can find the FAQs below, so check ’em out!

Download the Munitorum Field Manual 2021 (Mk 1)

Download the Power Rating Update 2021

Good luck, generals!

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