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Good Girls Drawn Bad: Jessica Rabbit Cosplays to Swoon Over

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Apr 06

She’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way. Let’s take a ride to Toon Town with this collection of the sultriest Jessica Rabbit Cosplays for Roger Rabbit to heartthrob over!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of those films that terrified me as a child. Though the characters were mostly cartoons, the terrifying situations depicted in the film haunted my nightmares…But the one shining beacon in that movie for me was always Jessica Rabbit, who proved that it doesn’t matter how you look or who you are- love is love. Her love and loyalty for the zany goofball Roger Rabbit was the stuff of legends, and I am TOTALLY in the Betty Boop camp of thinking their romance is the stuff of legend. Today we pay tribute to the best Jessica Rabbit Cosplays.

Though Jessica is a human character in the film, she is given the craziest proportions by her creators. It’s a notoriously difficult cosplay to achieve, since real human bodies just aren’t built that way! It takes some MAJOR makeup skills to accomplish a gorgeous cartoon-worthy version of a Jessica Rabbit Cosplay, and the artists we are featuring today have done an AMAZING job bringing her to life.


Cosplayer: JBunzie

It’s not every day that a cosplayer achieves the express permission from a character’s creator to portray their likeness, but you KNOW that when it happens, the cosplay is going to be EPIC. Such is the case with JBunzie’s depiction of the smoldering temptress with a heart for comedy. She received approval from Gary Wolf, the comic’s creator for this Cosplay, which shows the most STUNNING makeup I have ever seen. Absolutely flawless, and looks as close to real as possible. She shows you EXACTLY how she created this flawless look. Check out her amazing makeup tutorial and performance video on YouTube:




“You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do.”-Jessica Rabbit


Major Sam Cosplay

Cosplayer: Major Sam Cosplay

This Cosplay is a gorgeously crafted construction worthy of the burlesque stages. The wig in particular is beautiful quality, which is a rarity in most cosplays. Her subtle makeup and perfect lines and textures make this a visual feast.



 I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”-Jessica Rabbit



“Roger, darling!”-Jessica Rabbit




“C’mon Roger, let’s go home. I’ll bake you a carrot cake.”-Jessica Rabbit

OMG Cosplay

Cosplayer: OMGCosplay

The gown construction drew me to this cosplay, as well as the unique and understated (in comparison to others) makeup is sultry but not overdone.


Eddie Valiant : “Seriously, what do you see in that guy?”

Jessica Rabbit : “He makes me laugh.”





Jessica Rabbit : “Oh, Roger. You were magnificent.”

Roger Rabbit : “Was I really?”

Jessica Rabbit : “Better than Goofy.”


 “I’d do anything for my husband, Mr. Valiant. Anything.”-Jessica Rabbit

Belle Chere

Cosplayer: Belle Chere

This cosplayer’s work is the closest to capturing the comic proportions and overdrawn angles that make Jessica Rabbit so unique on screen. Use of shadows and lighting allow the eye to be drawn in such a way that exaggerates the curves, which is beautiful work!


 Before poor Marvin was killed, he confided in me that Judge Doom wanted to get his hands on Toontown, and he wouldn’t stop at anything.”-Jessica Rabbit



“I hit him over the head with a frying pan and stuck him in the trunk. So he wouldn’t get hurt.”-Jessica Rabbit



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