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Star Wars Cosplay: The Force Fights with ‘Knights of the Old Republic’s Bastila Shan

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Apr 26

This warrior for good was a bolstering force on the battlefield. Today we take a look at this Jedi Cosplay.

Bastila Shan is one of the most dynamic Jedi to serve in the Mandalorian wars and beyond. Her abilities with the force and on the battlefield were unique to say the least, and her journey was one fraught with trials and tribulations.


Like Bastila, cosplayer April Gloria is a woman of nuance and strength. She regularly features dynamic characters, and has a love of Star Wars. This week we’re showcasing her gorgeous screen-ready Bastila Shan Cosplay.


Bastila Shan

[Tanis Venn has been left to die in a trap set by his angry wife] 


Bastila Shan : “I say we leave him.”

Tanis Venn : “You know, you’re pretty heartless for such a pretty lady.”

Bastila Shan : “I take it back. Let’s congratulate his wife.”


[Light Side: Revan convinces Bastila to return to the light] 

Bastila Shan : “I must know something first. Will there be a place for me in your future? Do you… do you love me?”

Revan : “I love you Bastila, with all my heart.”


Bastila Shan : “You are not afraid of love anymore?”

Revan : “After this, nothing could make me feel safer than to be loved by you.”



Bastila Shan [turned to the dark side]  “Eventually, I will challenge my master. If I am worthy, he will die by my hand. And I will become the new Sith Master.”



[while talking to the Hutt on Tatooine about swoop racing, Bastila uses Force Persuade] 


Bastila Shan : “I’ve heard enough. You want to act in a peaceful manner. Now.”

Bastila Shan The Jedi do not believe in killing their prisoners. No one deserves execution, no matter what their crimes.


Bastila Shan [during battle]  The Force fights with me!

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