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40K Ad Mech Rules, GW Financials, Animations, D&D Rogue Guide, a New Highlander!

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May 24 2021

We have GW’s annual financials, a new animation subscription service, and Adeptus Mechanicus arrive. Then we look at D&D Rogues, Critical Role, and look who’s taking on the role of The Highlander!

D&D 5e Guide – How To Play A Rogue

Rogues are a classic adventuring archetype. Stealthy and skilled, they can be fun to play; this handy guide will help you get started with a rogue.

Games Workshop’s 2020-2021 Annual Summary – Stunning Results!

The Games Workshop 2020-2021 Annual Update is here. And yes, GW is still killing it.

Henry Cavill To Star in New ‘Highlander’ Movie

If there’s anything we’ve learned there can only be one… unless you’re talking about Highander sequels and reboots.

Warhammer Animation Online Preview: Warhammer+ And Show List

Games Workshop teased logo for Warhammer+ and showed off some of the new animation and we’ve got a show list, too!

D&D: Critical Role Campaign 2 Is Coming To An End, Final Boss Unveiled

As the Mighty Nein square off against an ever-evolving final boss, it seems that Critical Role’s current campaign is rapidly headed towards its finale.

Star Wars: The Workhorse of the Clone Army, The LAAT Breakdown

The Low Altitude Assault Transport is one of the iconic transports of the Clone Wars. Today we break down the heavily armed LAAT.

Warhammer 40K: Adeptus Mechanicus Distant World Rules

You can make your own Forge World rules in the new Ad-Mech codex. Here’s how.

Warhammer 40K Next Week: Chapter Approved GT And Munitorum Field Manual

Get ready to reup and rearm as you recalculate your points with the release of the new Chapter Approved 2021 Field Manual.


Warhammer Next Week: ‘Broken Realms’ Kragnos And A Host Of Heroes

A cavalcade of characters is coming up for pre-order next weekend, starting with the mighty new force of Destruction, Kragnos, but also Lord Kroak and more.

  • Games Workshop's 2020-2021 Annual Summary - Stunning Results!