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Let’s Play D&D With… Oh Dang It’s Kang!

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Jul 21 2021

Grab your TemPad and at least one or two variants of yourself, this week we’re playing D&D at the castle at the end of time with He Who Remains.

The season finale of Loki brought us He Who Remains as an alternative version of Kang. And no, they didn’t specifically name drop Kang and yes, He Who Remains is a completely separate and unique character from Kang in the comics. But in the MCU specific version of things, they seem to have streamlined them into one character with multiple variants all about to descend on a Marvel movie near you in March if I were to guess. This does seem to mean though that we didn’t meet (and therefore won’t be playing D&D with) Kang The Conqueror as much as….

Kang the Chrono Wizard!

While this version is less conquer-y than Kang Classic, I think a lot of the general background is supposed to be similar enough. Originally Kang was Nathaniel Richards, descendent of Reed Richards, and therefore human. And while I don’t think alignment means much in the grand scheme of gaming, I waffled between Lawful Neutral and Lawful Evil for longer than I would have liked. In the end, I think He Who ReKangs is probably less evil than some version of him we’ll see in future MCU titles, and was even trying to keep those other variants at bay. He’s not good by any stretch because good people probably care a little when you destroy an entire timeline and the lives of everyone on it, but this Kang is all business and big pictures and not completely malicious.

He also doesn’t have a ton in the way of weapons or armor, which I’m sure more conquering minded variants will have… even if his clothing was a nod to some classics Kang threads. This version is a guy who mostly reads books and does desk work. Sure, that deskwork is the-entire-timeline, but he deals with physical confrontation by using his TemPad to avoid it. And I feel like he uses his spells in much the same way.

Similar to his lack of weaponry, his spells were chosen on the basis of “is this time magic?” and then spells that were good for charisma, convincing, teleportation, planer shifts, and so on. Similarly, I gave him Feats that boosted his leadership skills, uncanny ability to talk even a Loki into trusting him (Sort of. And sure, Sylvie wasn’t buying what he was selling, but one of two Lokis isn’t bad.), and very completely knowledge and understanding of life the universe and everything.

But the biggest thing about this sheet that you may have noticed, Kang is the first character whose level I’ve ever maxed out. Twenty is usually reserved for the very end of your adventure and signifies characters who are practically godlike. He Who Remains is sitting at the end of the universe in a castle knowing the outcome of every decision and pulling every string and even throws actual Norse gods for a loop. That’s pretty darn godlike, and with how long he’s been around, how could he not have leveled all of the way up by now?


With more Kangs all but promised we’re sure we’ll have an opportunity to swing back around for some more comic-booky varieties of the character, and I’m honestly looking forward to making as many of them as the MCU is willing to throw at our screens.


But which version of Kang would you want to see an MCU appearance (and sheets) from in the future? How would you have made He Who Remains for D&D? Which TV shows, movies, or games should I make sheets from next? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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