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Age of Sigmar: How to Play Hedonites of Slaanesh – Invaders

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Dec 15 2021

Today we take a look at the basics of how to play Invaders from the Hedonites of Slaanesh Battletome in Age of Sigmar. All your base are belong to them.

The worship of Slaanesh can be found anywhere that pleasure, pain, or really anything is done to a startling excess. So it makes sense that not every worshipper would honor the Dark Prince in the same manner. As his followers sought him across the Realms, they divided into several distinct factions. Though three larger groups stood out above all the others. Finishing out our three-part Slaanesh series, we take a look at the Invaders cadre. Here’s how to get the most out of their unique playstyle.

courtesy Games Workshop

Who are the Hedonites of Slaanesh Invaders?

Slaanesh is a fickle god. Though he doles out fabulous blessings to those who dole out pain or pleasure in his name, his favor is easily swayed. The warlords of the Invaders know this, and they are constantly vying to outperform their fellows to earn the favor of Slaanesh. Each one declares themselves the leader of their warband. Their followers are like grass in the wind, bending to whoever seems the most powerful at the time. Of course, Slaanesh takes great joy in all the in-fighting in his name.

Why Play Invaders?

If the Pretenders are about one fabulous hero standing above all others, the Invaders are a collection of several warlords with unique tactics coming together to prove their worth. Though there is always a primary leader, several powerful warlords bring their own entourage to fight. Each of them will count as a leader for all the things that care about it. In addition, you get rewarded for aggression. The more units you have, the better. They’re the perfect army for combining Slaanesh’s martial prowess with overwhelming numbers.

courtesy Games Workshop


  • You get three generals, so your opponent will have difficulty getting the Assassinate strategy.
  • Your extra generals all get the extended range on command abilities, meaning you can spread out a bit more.
  • You can asily manipulate your opponent’s target priority with your extra leaders.
  • Invaders can snag conditional battleline without sacrificing powerful command abilities.
  • You have the most accessible source of Depravity points in the book, so you’ll be able to summon Daemons much faster.


  • Your extra generals have to be far apart to use abilities, so you might end up spread thin.
  • You don’t do great with strategies that need you to protect your own deployment zone.


As with the other two mini factions, the Hedonites of Slaanesh Invaders have a single subfaction, the Lurid Haze, which gives your army more speed, durability, and a pre-game ambush. Definitely think hard about taking this one.


Signature Rules

Every Hedonites army has the following special rules:

  • Euphoric Killers – All Hedonites score an extra hit on an unmodified 6 in close combat, or two extra hits if they have 20 or more models. Close combat is really where your army thrives.
  • Feast of Depravities – This is how you summon your daemonic forces using depravity points. At the end of the battleshock phase, any units on the battlefield that took a wound or mortal wound or lost any models nets you a depravity point. In addition, every specific Host has a unique way to generate extra points.
  • Locus of Diversion – Your daemons can distract the enemy and prevent them from piling in, meaning you can assault them with impunity and not have to worry much about retaliation.

In addition, the Invaders have the following battle traits:

  • Escalating Havoc – At the end of the battleshock phase, you get 1 depravity point if you have a general wholly within enemy territory, or d3 if all three are there. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you take fast and durable warlords.
  • Figureheads of the Dark Prince – You get three generals instead of just 1, but only one gets to have a command trait, and none of them can use command traits or abilities while within 12″ of another general. While that sounds a little weak, keeping your leaders that far apart means your opponent will have to spread their own army out to deal with them.


The terrain for a Hedonites army is the Fane, which acts as a summoning point for your daemons. It also offers you the opportunity to sacrifice blood or treasures for power. If you don’t mind chucking your artefact into the portal, the rewards are definitely worth it.

Key Units

Hedonites of Slaanesh Invaders want a few strong, fast heroes with good support to back them up, and these five units fit the bill perfectly.

Lord of Pain – A surprisingly durable and deadly hero, with a built-in 5++ that can rebound wounds and mortal wounds on the enemy, a command ability to empower nearby units in melee, and a nasty close combat weapon. Plus, he’s fast and brings along extremely powerful units as battleline, so he’ll definitely be one of your generals (though probably not the primary).

Myrmidesh Painbringers – Arrogant, masterful, and deadly warriors, these mighty warriors play the part of both hammer and anvil, combining incredible damage potential with decently strong durability. An excellent escort for your Lord of Pain general to keep him deep behind enemy lines farming depravity.


Daemonettes – Extremely fast, cheap battleline that can increase their own numbers and scythe down enemies with surprising efficiency. They make a good screen for one of your secondary generals or as assassins/flankers in a Lurid Haze force.

Keeper of Secrets – The big daemon of Slaanesh and one of the scariest combat monsters in the game that isn’t a god or Gargant. The Keeper has a massive selection of options, allowing you to customize your daemon to whatever you need most. Even in a mounted army, it has the speed to keep up. This is the perfect candidate for primary general and has enough power, toughness, and speed to be mostly independent.

Slickblade Seekers – An incredible ambush unit in Lurid Haze with a ridiculous amount of damage potential. If you have a mounted hero, these will be your bodyguards.

Sample Army (1000 pts)

Army: Hedonites of Slaanesh – Invaders

Leader: Keeper of Secrets. General (Primary).

Leader: Lord of Pain. General


Battleline: 10 x Daemonettes

Battleline: 5 x Myrmidesh Painbringers


Invaders Tips

Pick a section for each general to be responsible for and assign them a unit or two to stick with them. Keep your opponent guessing about your strategy and if it doesn’t work, move to your other group.

~If your boss is boring, replace him!

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