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Warhammer 40K: The 7 Imperial Assassin Temples

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Jan 15 2022

We’ve all heard of the big four – but did you know there were MORE Imperial Assassin Temples? You’re going to want to see this.

The Officio Assassinorum is much larger than folks might think. Most 40k players are familiar with your 4 tabletop assassin options but there are a few more Assassin Temples that also work in the shadows. Today, we’re going to check out all 7 temples with a quick overview.

Known Operators

Vindicare Temple – sharpshooters, specialists in sniping and marksmanship

Famed for their long distance shooting and powerful Exitus Rifle, the Vindicare Assassins specialize in vengeance and revenge killings. The Vindicare Temple extols the virtues of patience and focuses on the craft of marksmanship. They are the ultimate snipers from the shadows in the Grimdark.

Callidus Temple – chameleons, specialists in infiltration and impersonation

The Callidus Temple uses a specialized shape-changing drug: Polymorphine. With the training provided and the application of this drug, the user can literally change their shape and appearance to impersonate anyone – including members of the opposite sex and even other humanoid xenos – Orks and Eldar included! Due to their nature to get in close, the Temple also teaches mastery of martial arts and the use of Phase Swords, Poison Blades and the deadly Neural Shredder.

Eversor Temple – berserkers, drug-fuelled killing machines


Eversor Assassins are not exactly subtle. They are considered berserk killing machines and are juiced up with a cocktail of combat stims, bio-engineering, and experimental surgery. They are typically placed in cryo-suspension between missions for various reasons. Firstly, the mix of combat drugs is highly addictive and without it, the assassins would die. Secondly, for safety! They are awoken from their cryo-crypt and dropped on their target location inside of a specialized drop pod for one. When they come crashing down they bring death with them.

Culexus Temple – pariahspsykers are their exclusive targets

The Culexus Assassins are considered to be the most sinister and feared assassins of all the Temples. For starters, they are all null-entities in the warp a.k.a. they have the Pariah gene. This makes them cause an aura of unease when they are around non-psykers. For Psykers, their presence is terrifying – this is why they are the perfect weapon against those that can harness the power of the warp.

Noted for their strange headgear, the device is known as an Animus Speculum. The technology behind this device is not fully understood but it gets the job done. That job being eliminating Psykers! It is believed to fire negative psychic energy and actually becomes more effective the more psykers are in the vicinity.

The Other Temples


Venenum Temple – specialists in poisoning their targets

via Lexicanum

The Venenum Temple trains and deploys its assassins on behalf of the Officio Assassinorum upon receiving orders by the High Lords of Terra. The temple is presumably located, like most other assassin temples, in a secret location on Terra. Their operatives are experts at using poison and subtlety.

Vanus Temple – intelligence-gatherers

Agents of the Vanus Clade are known as infocytes and also made use of predictive engines in order to base their calculations on all available data as well as prognostic simulations in order to determine the success rate of the operations. The infocytes are essentially human computing engines that are far different from mindless automata such as servitors as their skills were unparalleled in matters of strategy and tactics.

The Extinct Temple

The Maerorus Temple is an extinct Temple of the Officio Assassinorum. The seventh temple, it was created to deal with multiple targets simultaneously, such as the command hierarchy of an enemy army, or the members of a particularly widespread Chaos cult.

The Maerorus adepts recognized that, no matter how skilled the assassin, it becomes exponentially harder to kill subsequent targets, who have been alerted by the initial kill. To that end, Maerorus assassins were designed to be living weapons, able to kill masses of people with no weapon except their own bodies, since even the finest and most carefully maintained weaponry was subject to failure. Their modus operandi was to enter into a target-rich area, typically a meeting or gathering and kill every sub-target present as quickly as possible.

The way the Maerorus Assassins functioned, they would kill targets and absorb the biomass of their victims to rapidly evolve new weapons – they were bio-weapons themselves and were considered to dangerous for further missions.


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