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Warhammer 40K: The Best Blades In The Imperium

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Feb 9 2022

Throughout the history of the Imperium, the humble sword has been a constant, faithful companion to some of its greatest heroes. May we all stay as sharp.

Gather ’round Loremasters, today we are taking a look back at the history of some of the most powerful weapons in the Imperium–weapons which have become enshrined in the legends of the history of Humanity throughout the galaxy. Worlds have perished or prospered at the edge of these legendary blades, in the hands of humanity’s greatest heroes these blades are responsible for deeds too awe-inspiring to be believed. These weapons–swords, if we’re being specific–have carved a swath through the millennia and are so effective that often the Commissariat will order their crews to drive them closer to employ their blades.

The Blade Encarmine

The Blade Encarmine is an ornate Power Sword originally wielded by the Primarch Sanguinius during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. This blade is said to respond only to the blood of Sanguinius–for a time, this blade was lost to the mists of history, when the Ork warlord Garshul the Destroyer claimed the Blade Encarmine. During the battle in which it was lost, the Blood Angels present were under the command of Captain Leonatos. Leonatos was exiled from the Chapter by Lord Commander Dante himself, until such time as he recovered the lost blade.

Leonatos had to track an Ork warlord’s fleet through the Eye of Terror to recover the Blade Encarmine, paying for it with his very soul.

The Lion Sword

Wielded by Lion El’Jonson himself, is said to have been handcrafted on Terra by the Emperor’s own armourers. The blade shines with an inner light and ignites anything it cuts with a sudden burst of flame, represented by the fine laboratory created rubies set into the blade.

During the Lion’s time in Imperium Secundus, he wielded the Lion Sword in his duel with Konrad Curze, the blade easily cutting through the other primarch’s Nightmare Mantle. Broken in half by Rouboute Guilliman after learning that El’Jonson used Orbital Bombardment on Macragge–the sword was reforged by the end of the Heresy, when the Lion met Russ in the Imperial Palace after the Battle of Terra. The Lion challenged Russ to finish their duel, to the death, and stabbed his brother through the chest when he made no move to defend himself. The Lion turned the blade aside at the last moment, ensuring the wound was not fatal.


Sword of the High Marshals

Sometimes called the Sword of Sigismund, is a master-crafted Power Sword said to contain fragments of the sword wielded by the primarch Rogal Dorn during the Horus Heresy.

According to legend, Rogal Dorn broke his sword across his knee in rage after he failed to protect the Emperor of Mankind aboard the Vengeful Spirit at the end of the Siege of Terra, swearing never to wield it again. Sigismund, the first High Marshal of the Black Templars, ordered the shards to be forged into the Sword of the High Marshals that would be carried by all High Marshals as a reminder of their duty of atonement.

Blade of the Emperor’s Champion

The Black Sword is a massive, two-handed power sword, wielded by the Emperor’s Champion of the Black Templars chapter. The original sword was blessed by the chapter Chaplains and paired with the Armour of Faith, ours comes with a numbered certificate assuring that it was blessed by the artisan-priests of Holy Terra, guaranteed.

Sword of Silence

Or if you prefer a darker sword, you might try the obsidian blade of the Sword of Silence, which is fitted with the Black Jewel of Al Baradad, and an ancient leather grip from the hide of a Calibamite Black Lion. This sword, used by Dark Angels Captain Belial, Master of the Deathwing,is one of the few Heavenfall Blades from the chapter’s armoury.

Gladius Incantor

Finally, the Gladius Incandor–a glittering silver blade owned by the Primarch Roboute Guilliman┬áduring the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. This iconic silvery weapon was of not only surpassing quality but also seen by the Ultramarines Legion as a symbol of their Primarch’s might and authority. Years after the Horus Heresy ended, Guilliman wielded the Gladius in his hunt for his traitorous Brother Fulgrim.

Fulgrim though, would ambush his Brother’s fleet over Thessala and in desperation Guilliman and his forces launched several teleportation attacks on Fulgrim’s Flagship, the Pride of the Emperor. The two Primarchs would later clash aboard the ship, but Guilliman was fatally wounded by Fulgrim, just before the traitor knocked the Gladius Incandor from his Brother’s grasp. Though Guilliman was safely teleported back to his Flagship, the Gauntlet of Power, the Gladius was unfortunately lost on Fulgrim’s ship.


Which would you wield?

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