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D&D: Five Ways to Create a Diversion

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Sep 19 2022

When all eyes are on you, and you wish they weren’t, you need a distraction. Here’s how to create a diversion in D&D.

We’ve all been there. You’re just trying to have an adventure. Do your own thing. Take that ancient treasure or definitely not stolen pile of gold from the dragon’s hoard. Walk away with what is for sure not the king’s favorite crown.

And then, for whatever reason, you end up being the center of attention. Sure, being the center of attention sounds great. But is it really worth going through the mortifying ordeal of being known? Almost certainly not. Look if you wanted to be the center of attention, you’d have been a theatre kid or joined roller derby or something.

But you’re here on the internet. Which means you shouldn’t even be perceived. When that happens though? We’ve got your back, here are five ways to cause a diversion.


There’s a time and a place for illusion magic, and that time is usually the split second after you’ve been caught, and the place is, wherever you happen to be. Whether you use a spell-like silent image or disguise self, you can pretty much create any kind of distraction you need.


This is basically the same principle as illusion, but instead of creating a magical lie that people will believe, you’re just creating a physical lie. With a high enough deception check, you might be able to bluff your way into having a diversion, but be warned, shouting things like “look, over there, a distraction!” are likely going to incur disadvantage.



Never underestimate the value of a gold piece well spent. Hirelings can do all sorts of things for you, and with enough gold pieces, they won’t even ask any questions. Sure, you have to anticipate needing a diversion – but how much is it worth it to you to have someone waiting on retainer to run through the streets of town naked and screaming, or to drive their cart full of logs across a busy street when you need it?

Summon Spells

Sometimes, you have to call in an extraplanar friend/fiend in order to get everyone’s attention off of you. After all, who can pay attention to you when there are angels/devils/nature spirits/elementals running loose for no reason at all?

Order Pizza

Sometimes, the only way to win is not to play. And the best way to cause a diversion is to not play by taking a break to get some fresh pizza in real life. Sure, it’s a little meta-gamey, but it’s also delicious.

Happy Adventuring!


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