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Adam Lebo

Columnist: Bell of Lost Souls

Monsterpocalypse: Zor-Maxim Rushes Into Battle

Adam Lebo 4 Minute Read November 23

  A mysterious organization known as the Shadow Sun Syndicate has emerged to protect Earth from the Monsterpocalypse, and profit along the way. Today were taking a look at Zor-Maxim, a cybernetically enhanced ninja warrior ready to battle with the Destroyers.

Warmachine: The Vulcan Brings Alchemical Pain

Adam Lebo 4 Minute Read October 25

  Get out of the way, the Crucible Guard Vulcan is incoming! Let’s take a look at this chemical wielding colossal for the newest Warmachine faction! Also, does anyone know what an Aqua Mortuum is? Because the Crucible Guard have weaponized it.

Warmachine: Secret Loyalties of Athanor Locke

Adam Lebo 3 Minute Read August 30

  A new warcaster in the Crucible Guard has emerged, although her loyalties are not what they seem. On the surface she is warcaster in the Crucible Guard, but for the last 12 years her true loyalties lie with the Convergence of Cyriss. Let’s take a look at this new warcaster now available for both […]

Warmachine: Skorne Conquers WarGamesCon 2018

Adam Lebo 4 Minute Read August 23

Many great games were had this this past weekend at WarGamesCon X. During this time Kirk Dalton piloted his Skorne army to win the Champions Tournament on Friday, qualified for Masters on Saturday and took home the win in Masters on Sunday. Lets check out some of his lists.