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Adam Lebo

Columnist: Bell of Lost Souls

Warmachine: Trollkin North comes to WarGamesCon!

Adam Lebo 3 Minute Read July 19

  The harsh frozen lands belonging to the Northkin Trollbloods are coming to WarGamesCon this year! Players will be able to battle it out on this icy table, beautifully painted up by Sprue Loose Miniatures. Check out all the pictures of this great terrain set.

Hordes: Awaken the Primal Terrors Within

Adam Lebo 4 Minute Read June 14

  Legion of Everblight is getting lots of new releases for their Primal Terrors theme force. Let’s check out the new Blighted Ogrun Theme Force box and see what kind of terror we can unleash on the table!

Warmachine: Attending Your First Steamroller

Adam Lebo 8 Minute Read June 7

  So you’ve got some games under your belt and are thinking about attending a local Steamroller. Are you are ready? What should you expect? What do you need to bring? Let’s cover the basics of a Steamroller, so you feel ready to roll some dice.