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FoW – The best 5 Rules PDF’s

Hi everyone I’m Coxer from Breakthrough Assault,  one of the best things about FoW is that battlefront release Free PDF’s for the game. Take a look! These are complete and game ‘legal’ army lists for use. And some of them are pretty damn good! In this article I’m going to look at 5 which I […]

FoW – Bridge at Remagen Review

Hi there, it’s 1945 and the allies are advancing into Germany, the US 9th army have managed to capture the bridge at Remagen… Hi it’s Coxer from Breakthrough Assault and we have the latest Flames of war intelligence briefing. The first thing to notice is that we’ve moved back to the western front, why is this […]

FoW – Expanding from Open Fire

Hi all it’s Coxer from Breakthrough Assault again, one of the common threads I’ve seen on a few people asking where they go with a force after the ‘Open Fire’ starter set. Firstly for those of you who are unaware ‘Open Fire’ is the starter box for flames of war. It has a decent German […]