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Rumor Roundup 9-1-13

Loken 2 Minute Read August 31

With the release of the new Space Marines, there is little new info to report.  Here is an update on the next release, the Tyranids, and some other tidbits.Space Marines Arrive – nuff said. Tyranids – 8.27.13 -Mycetic Spore is coming with the new Tyranid release-Plastic combo-kit that makes the Spore and another large bug.-It […]

40K Rumor Roundup 8-24-2013 Bugs, Marines & Rules!

Loken 7 Minute Read August 24

The Space Marines aren’t even here yet, and the Bugs are hot on their heels.  Holy Echoes of Macragge!Here is your weekly round up of everything we have seen the past seven days.   TYRANIDSA whole bunch of rumors are leaking on the next codex after the Marines, the bugs!  Here is one giant mash-up of […]

40K Weekly Rumor Roundup 8-18-2013

Loken 8 Minute Read August 17

Space Marines are dominating the headlines, but Tyranids are coming hot on their heels.What a week.  We haven’t had a rumor-filled week like this past one in months. First, if you haven’t read the BoLS Forum, here is the MOTHER of all Space Marine Rumor Roundups by The Emperor’s Champion.SPACE MARINES (master rumor roundup here)GENERAL […]

1st Look: Imperial Armour Apocalypse – Imperial Forces

Loken 3 Minute Read August 3

Today I got my copy of Imperial Armour Apocalypse and rifling through the first section, the Imperial Forces, a few interesting things got my attention.1)  A Structure points equals 3 Hit Points – OK, we saw this in the Apocalypse rule book.  But what it means is those 2 SP vehicles, are only SLIGHTLY better […]

40K Rumor Roundup – 7-27-13

Loken 2 Minute Read July 27

A light rumor week this time with some scattered Space Marine tidbits.  Lets catch you up:Via BoLS:Regarding the “larger terminators” – these models are described as being similar in aesthetic to the curving shapes of both the Contemptor and Tau Stealth suits. Bigger than current Terminators – but smaller than a Dreadnought. Regarding the “big […]

40K Rumor Roundup – 7-14-13

Loken 3 Minute Read July 14

With the Apocalypse release dominating headlines, some of the codex news may have slipped by you.  Here is a recap.First, let’s take a look at the apparent release schedule for the next year for 40K: Codexes:The release schedule appears as follows:Space Marines – SeptemberTyranids  –  Q1-2014Imperial Guard  –  Q1-2 2014Orks  –  after IG, 2014 Supplements: […]

40K Rumor Roundup – 7-7-13

Loken 5 Minute Read July 6

This week brings more news on the upcoming Apocalypse Release.  With Apocalypse being released next Saturday, expect the information to come fast and furious this week. A new player in the rumor wars has stepped up.  MajorWesJanson on Warseer has been giving updated data dumps this week.  Here is the latest, which is the sum […]

40K – WFB Rumor Roundup 6-30-13

Loken 2 Minute Read June 30

Apocalypse is finally on Pre-Order and the formations have hit the GW Site.OK, not rumors, as we now have the info from GW, but breaking news at least!You can see all the Apocalypse Formation on the order page.  This time, GW is making it so you can order everything you need for a particular formation […]

40K Rumor Roundup 6-23-13

Loken 2 Minute Read June 22

The rumor mills are grinding away and this week we get news on Marines, Nids and Apocalypse. Loken from Apocalypse40K here.  It has been a busy week on the rumor front.  And certainly GW’s prolific release schedule is giving us lots of fodder.  Here is what is new this week:Codex SupplementsFirst, we got the Iyanden Codex […]

Rumor Roundup – GW Status & Apocalypse

Loken 2 Minute Read June 8

The big rumor that is now merely news, is that July 6th will see Apocalypse Second edition.While Apocalypse stormed onto the scene in 2008, it has needed some house rules to be playable in a fair and balanced way, and it is hoped rules similar to what almost every Apocalypse club I knows plays, will […]

Eldar Rumor Roundup 5-26-2013

Loken 3 Minute Read May 25

Well Eldar are up on the GW Advanced Orders page.  Here’s the latest on the miniatures and rules brought to you by Loken at 40K Apocalypse:The Eldar MiniaturesFirst up, the miniatures.  Wraithknights, Hemlocks, Spiritseer’s OH MY! Go check em out. The Eldar RulesNext up, the rules:From Blood & Kittens:Most of the rules information can be […]

Talisman Returns…as a Mobile Game

Loken 2 Minute Read May 25

The classic miniature game Talisman has been released in electronic form for mobile devices by Games Workshop.   Talisman Prologue indicates Games Workshop continues to change direction.The announcement came on Games Workshop’s blog. From Games Workshop: Talisman Prologue, the digital version of the classic adventure board game, is now available to play on iOS, Android, […]