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40K: Horus Heresy Weekender Minis Emerge

Loken 2 Minute Read May 19

Loken (Alec Peters) here, reporting from Nottingham, England and the Horus Heresy Weekender.  I’ve got tons of cool minis and news to report:This is the massive Black Library/Forge World event all about the Horus Heresy.  Authors, model makers and everyone involved in the crafting of the books, models and history of the Heresy are here.    […]

40K Weekly Rumor Roundup – Eldar Approach

Loken 3 Minute Read May 12

The Weekly Rumor Roundup Loken from Apocalypse40K here and I’m here with your weekly 40K rumor roundup. Everyone got your pointy ears on?OK, Loken isn’t really my name, it’s Alec Peters, but Loken is my favorite character out of the Horus Heresy series, and so I appropriated his name when we all thought he was […]

Secret Weapon Kickstarter – Tablescapes

Loken 2 Minute Read April 25

Justin McCoy, the founder of Secret Weapon Miniatures, has launched a Kickstarter for “Tablescapes”.  These are 12″ x12″ tiles that are similar to Games Workshop “Realm of Battle” boards, but half the cost and way more versatile.   The Kickstarter has already passed its goal by 50%, unlocked a second set of tiles, and now Justin […]

Second Edition Apocalypse: What We NEED!

Loken 3 Minute Read April 18

So the rumors are rampant that Apocalypse is the July Games Workshop release.  What do we need to see? Well, it makes sense that Apocalypse would get a new edition.  The original Apocalypse rule book is six years old and released at the end of Fourth Edition 40K, so it needs a facelift. Plus, Apocalypse […]

40K Apocalpyse – Thoughts on Objectives

Loken 3 Minute Read February 24

The discussion of objectives has come up a lot lately.  6th edition has revived the discussion and brought 40K rules closer to what we have been doing in Apoc for a while. I think this is a very relevant topic as too often the discussion of Apocalypse is focused on forces and models and units […]

40K: Building an Apocalypse Army

Loken 7 Minute Read January 27

The question often comes up, “What is a good model or formation to add to my army for Apocalypse.”  OK, so let’s assume a Reaver Titan is out of the question.  What can you do for under $ 200?  Well, Andrew Lotz, an Apocalypse40K contributor and I took some time to map out different ideas for […]

The Big Game III – The World’s Biggest Apocalypse Game

Loken 3 Minute Read January 15

The Big Game is the annual “World’s Biggest Apocalypse Game”.  2013 marks year three of the event, which has involved over 230 locations over 5 countries each of the past two years.  Started in 2011 at the Los Angeles Games Workshop Battle Bunker, The Big Game has set most of the major Apocalypse records.  This […]

Apocalypse Primer Part III – “D” Weapons

Loken 3 Minute Read December 27

“D” Weapons are the most powerful ranged weapons in the game.  How do you prevent them from overpowering your Apocalypse game? “D” Weapons and Apocalypse The Apocalypse rulebook introduced a new class of weapons to the new large scale 40K games the book created. Destroyer, or “D” weapons are immensely powerful ranged weapons that are […]

40K RUMORS: Apocalypse Second Edition

Loken 3 Minute Read December 16

The rumors are flowing that Games Workshop will be releasing the second edition of Apocalypse later this year.  All of the Apocalypse formations have been pulled from the Games Workshop website (though available if you join the Apocalypse40K forum).  And various GW employees have said they were removed as they are obsolete and about to be […]

Apocalypse Primer Part II – House Rules

Loken 3 Minute Read December 10

So you are going to step up and play Apocalypse.  What house rules do you need to make the game run smoothly? HOUSE RULES IN APOCALYPSE Apocalypse is very different from regular 40K.  The Apocalypse Rulebook provides a whole new way to play 40K, by letting players play with a lot of models and introducing […]

40K: Apocalypse Primer – Part I

Loken 3 Minute Read December 2

So you want to play Apocalypse and don’t know where to start?  Well here is an introduction to big games of 40K and how to get the most out of them.THE APOCALYPSE PRIMER I play only Apocalypse (OK, I did play in the Adepticon team tournament in 2011 and that was an absolute blast).  And […]