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Guest Columnists: Bell of Lost Souls

Vehicles of the Adeptus Arbites

Adeptus Arbites are essentially the Imperium’s police force. They are not so much a local police force, most planets and systems have their own, they are more interested in making sure the Imperium’s laws are followed. Closer to a FBI or secret police type setup. Anyways, For my list, I needed three types of vehicles; […]

ARMY LIST: Emperor’s Children

Hello everyone, I want to share the first of many upcoming armylists I use. This is my Emperor’s Children list at 2000pts. Army List HQDaemon Prince — Dark Blade, Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, Steed of Slaanesh, — Combat Drugs, Personal Icon, Daemonic Strength, Daemonic Aura;182 Pts Possessed — Daemonic Talons, Icon, — Aspiring Champion with […]

MISSION: Adapt or Perish

As part of a series of new battle reports (keep your eye on the blog!), we’re creating a cache of new missions for veteran players. The first of these missions is Adapt or Perish; download it here: Adapt or Perish (5MB PDF, requires Adobe Acrobat) This mission is designed to be quick to learn, but […]

Ork Battlefortress, Part 7

The modeling phase is just about complete. It is still missing some glyphs on the sides as well as the driver and the rokket crews, but the fortress is ready to roll. I was surprised at how much better it looks with just a basecoat on. Several people over at mistook it for the […]

Project: Blood Angels Assault Army

Thanks to the fine contributors of Warseer, I’ve been lucky enough to preview the new Blood Angels mini-codex that will be published in White Dwarf. The chance to field an all Jump Pack army is just too much to pass up. Long-story-short I’m starting a new project. Today at lunch, Bigred and I ran to […]

TACTICA: Eversor Assassin

“Fear me, for I am your apocalypse.” — Dictatus Eversor I’m not ashamed to say that of all my deadly children, the Eversor Assassin is my favorite. Although he seems to be popular only with veteran players, the Eversor is the most versatile, cheapest, and most forgiving of the Imperial Assassins. He should be part […]

Trojan Rabbit Battlewagon

The fly lords aren’t always tactical number crunching or precision modeling. Occasionally we let our hair down and do something that’s rather silly. Case in point, this Monty Python style Ork battlewagon.Yes, I know I have several other projects on the table, but I got inspired the other evening. So, 4 hours and 175 popsicle […]

Making Killa Kans

The killa kans have arrived. Actually, they have been here all along, I’m just now getting around to posting on them. These have to be some of my favorite heavy units. Inexpensive, lightly armored dreads with a little shooty and a lot of choppy. Any foot slogging ork force should seriously think about building a […]

ARMY LIST: Relictors

If you’ve been following my recent articles on the Imperial Assassins, you know that I’ve been endeavoring to to find new and innovative uses for these classic units. A few weeks ago I did an article on the Culexus Assassin (vowing that I could find a use for the operative in a game without Psykers). […]

TACTICA: Callidus Assassin

“To assume the shape of the accursed and deliver death from the purity within you.” — Dictatus Callidus The Callidus is by far the most popular and most dreaded Imperial Assassin. Every player has a horror story about a game with a Callidus, but even with their feared reputation they are rarely seen on the […]

Battle Report

Crusader posted one of our battle reports on Warseer. Please take a look at it. Reading the battle report reminded me of a game that he and I had done for Medusa V. I played my radical Daemonhunters (Relictors!) against the same Lost and the Damned army and was soundly defeated. One of the few […]

ZZap gun bonus feature extravaganza

I know I promised killa kans last week, but I just have to show you my newest find. They are called Lag Shields. No, its not a new way to lower your ping in BF 2142. Lag shields are used to anchor bolts into concrete. But for our purposes, they are used as the bases […]

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