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Guest Columnists: Bell of Lost Souls

Gladiator Tournament: Mkerr’s Journey

This was my second Adepticon Gladiator Tournament and it was just as much fun as the first. Although I didn’t place as well as Bigred, I had four great games and met some fantastic players. Three of my games came down to single die rolls for the primary objective and every point I gave up […]

Ork Battlefortress, Part 6

Several people have asked how the ork battlefortress is going, so I thought I would throw in a little update. The battle fortress is in that long dark teatime of the modeling process. It is past the part where we can see big changes being made, but not quite to the point where it’s ready […]

Ork looted basilisk

To continue with the recent theme of ork vehicles, I present the ork looted basilisk. The basilisk is a great vehicle in that is allows orks to cause damage beyond the 24” to 36” range. With the ordinance changes in 4th edition I don’t bring it out as often as I use to, but it […]

Deathcult assassins, Delaque style

I’m not a big fan of the deathcult assassin’s that GW puts out. The acrobatic sword swinging ninja’s look more Elder than Imperial. For the Adeptus Arbites army I’ve been building I wanted grittier, down to earth, stab you in a dark ally looking assassins.I started out with Necromunda’s Delaque gang figures. Their trench coats […]

TACTICA: Vindicare Assassin

“Exitus Acta Probat: the Outcome Justifies the Deed.” — Dictatus Vindicare The Vindicare is a popular Imperial Assassin with new players, but it takes a lot of skill to “earn back his points”. New players are often inspired to add him to their army by the portrayal of the Imperial Assassin in Vindicare, a short […]


I mentioned a few weeks back that I built an ork flyer. I figured today was as good a day as any to show some pics of it. I started off with a MIG 15 model kit. It matched what I pictured for an ork flyer pretty well, and only needed a few frame modifications. […]

TACTICA: Apothecary

I’ve played against Medics in Imperial Guard armies many times. I’ve used Chirurgeons in my Inquisitorial armies for years. But I rarely pulled out my Apothecary (in any of my Space Marine armies). I loved the model, but I could never seem to justify the extra points. With the new Dark Angels codex, I thought […]

Terrain Workshop: Roads

One of the terrain features that is often overlooked and underused is roads. Building sectional roads is not as hard as it may seem, but it is a little more involved that the other terrain pieces I have written about. It takes several steps to make a road, but it is hard to make them […]

TACTICA: Culexus Assassin

“That which is unknown and unseen always commands the greatest fear.” — Dictatus Culexus The Culexus Assassin is the least used and most misunderstood of the Imperial Assassins. It is also one of the most devastating, if used correctly. This tactica article discusses the Culexus, highlights its strengths, and gives you some suggestions for fitting […]

Ork Battlefortress, Part 5

I began work on the side armor this week. I’ve built the two side plates and began attaching the rivets, and let me tell you, rivets are very time consuming. Measuring, marking, cutting, gluing, etc. It took over an hour just to do a single side panel. Anyways, I think it is turning out well, […]

TACTICA: All About Assassins…

“No World Shall be Beyond My Rule; No Enemy Shall be Beyond My Wrath” Assassins are one of the most feared and least understood units in the game. Everyone has a “fish tale” about a terrible experience with an Assassin, but like all good stories most have grown with the telling. Used properly they are […]

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