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Guest Columnists: Bell of Lost Souls

Terrain Workshop: Bunkers

Today’s terrain feature is all about bunkers. I used a very similar technique to the ork village, the main difference being that the walls are at an angle, rather than straight. All of the construction techniques were the same as the ork buildings (foam core, taping edges, wood filler texture, etc.). Too make the angle, […]

Ork Battlefortress, Part 4

I had a productive weekend. My wife and son were out of town, so I had a lot of time to work on the battle fortress. I got the engine, cab and roller done as well as trimming down the top and putting in the ‘observation deck’. I was very pleased with how well the […]

Ork Battlefortress, Part 3

Just a quick update for today. I built the turrets for the zzap guns, but havn’t glued them down yet. I’m thinking about using a magnetic base so they can be switch out with other weapons (like a kannon). The whole model looked too tall for its length, so I decided to drop the top […]

Ork Battlefortress, Part 2

Well, I was able to get a good start on the main bulk of the battle fortress. I had an old army tank toy, left over from another conversion project, and stuck the treads (with supporting wheels) form the tank under the plastic box. I then cut out the main support frame from hardboard and […]

Ork Battlefortress, Part 1

Every once in a while, the BigMek in me wants to build something. In the past I have gotten by with building killa kans and a fightabomba. But I think it is time for something big. I want to build a Battle fortress. Like any true mekboy, it needs to be built from scratch. Not […]

Terrain Workshop: Ork Village

Who doesn’t love the orks? By far, the largest army I have is the orks, and I decided they needed a good place to play. An ork village is an easy way to add a lot of good looking terrain with a little bit of effort and cash. I based the ork village off the […]

Let’s Talk Dark Angels

I play Witch Hunters almost exclusively, but my first love (and my first real army) was the Dark Angels. There is something captivating and sinister about their tireless quest for absolution. Over the years, even while building my other armies (including my well-known WH+IG monstrocity), I’ve added a piece here-and-there to my Dark Angels. As […]

Terrain Workshop: Building a Ziggurat

Bigred asked me to write a series on building terrain pieces, so I thought I’d start out with an easy one. Ziggurats are basically giant stepped pyramids. They make great terrain pieces because they are big enough to hide behind, and the tiers allow you to stand several models on them with good line of […]

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