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40K TACTICS: Making & Breaking Bubble-wraps

Kirby 17 Minute Read August 5

Lots of pictures in this one guys. Bubble-wrap was an important skill in 5th edition but 6th edition really changes what it’s all about. Lets look at making it and breaking it within this new paradigm.Dedicated bubble-wrap was really important in 5th edition for quite a few armies, notably Tyranids, Tau & Imperial Guard but […]

Tourney: Event Horizon 2012

Kirby 7 Minute Read July 21

On the weekend all of wargaming America was enamoured with BoLScon, the Australians held their final NOVA tournament for 5th edition – Event Horizon. There are three regularly running NOVAs in Australia now, 3++con (Feb), Centurion (March) and Event Horizon (May-June) and having run 3++con and been unable to attend Centurion this year, it was imperative that […]

40K: Look Out Sir! – Rules & Application

Kirby 13 Minute Read July 19

Look Out Sir is the new wound allocation but there seems to be a lot of confusion about it. Let’s break it down and then look at tactical applications.Model removal is very different from 5th edition and model placement is now very important within a squad – something which was often overlooked (though still important) […]

Counterpointing the Counterpoint on Tyranids

Kirby 9 Minute Read July 5

A post was done recently on Tyranids and it didn’t really give the full picture.  Being from Australia aka Catachan, large scary things which can kill your are a daily hassle… So here’s a more complete take on how the big bugs might fair in 6th.Yes, the full picture will take some time to develop […]

5th Edition – the Good, the Bad and the Future Part 2

Kirby 5 Minute Read March 16

 Here’s part 2 of yesterday’s post! We looked at some of the best things of 40K 5th edition and now it’s time to look at the other side of the equation – The BAD. The Bad – Marines, Marines, Marines and, oh look, Marines – Don’t like Marines? Tough you’re going to see them and […]

5th Edition – the Good, the Bad and the Future – Part 1

Kirby 6 Minute Read March 15

The whole Internet seems to be filled with some sort of 40k depression of late – 5th edition is winding down and whether you loved it, hated it or just were neither here nor there about it, everyone appears to be waiting for 6th edition. We are now poised on the edge of our seats […]

Kirby presents…3++con!

Kirby 5 Minute Read February 17

You know that NOVA tournament that’s running riot around the 40k Interwebs? I’m running one, too :). And it’s this weekend. So as an advertisement for you to come along to 3++con – it’s pretty terrible, go figure. As of the writing of this article we are near capacity with 54 players attending out of […]

40K NEWS: Necron (and other 40k) FAQs Updated

Kirby 4 Minute Read January 16

Well done Games Workshop. The new FAQ release isn’t too bad in terms of time taken but you’ve actually answered for the most part, the relevant questions and answered them correclty. And it’s not a Marine book. Lets look! Warhammer 40,000 FAQS  I’ve done a quick review of some of the major changes already on […]

40K: Necron Anti-tank in 5th Edition

Kirby 5 Minute Read November 15

Ya Necrons… who’d have thought? It’ll be a couple weeks before every post generates 50% complaints about another post on Necrons right? Then we’ll get Tau… Well before we get to that point…let’s look at the army shall we? We’ll be doing a full review after extensive playtesting happens over on 3++ is the new […]

40K: Australian Team Championship – Roundup!

Kirby 6 Minute Read October 6

You know that ETC thing? Well Australia decided to do it as well, minus the silly no special character restriction. Rather than country based it was Australian state based with offers extended to nearby countries such as New Zealand. No overseas travellers this time, first year running, but six of the states/territories attended (there are eight […]

40K: Some Statistics – NOVA 2011!

Kirby 9 Minute Read September 6

NOVA is over – it’s stat time! MVB has kindly given me lots of information so it’s time to data mine to see where the 40k Meta is now. Unlike ‘Ard Boyz we know exactly how many of each army were played and each army’s results. This allows us to work out the win percentage of each […]

40K EDITORIAL: Sisters of Battle – First Take

Kirby 6 Minute Read August 29

So Sisters of Battle. There’s no denying their codex got a big kick in the ovaries. Their main transport – the Immolator, got nerfed despite being comparable in points to a Blood Angels Razorback with a Twin-linked Heavy Flamer and across the board they got for the most part, price increases without significant gain (and […]