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40k Editorial: Competitive Gaming

Kirby 6 Minute Read August 4

There is a lot of disgruntlement on the Internet with competitive players. I feel a lot of this stems from mislabelling of WAAC (win at all/any costs) compared to someone who enjoys a good tight game.  This article will explore the difference between these two, where it should be applicable and be used as a […]

40k Theory: It’s All About the Numbers

Kirby 12 Minute Read July 27

Some of you may have heard of 40k Metrics – if not, well here’s your introduction post kindly re-published with permission from Nikephoros.For those of you who don’t know, Nikephoros runs the Bringer of Victory blog and came up with a numbers based system which could be used to quickly analyse lists and determine their […]

40K EDITORIAL: Proper Terrain Setup

Kirby 9 Minute Read June 22

Terrain setup is perhaps one of the most important aspects of playing 40k properly. It’s outlined quite specifically in the rulebook and is an assumption the balance of the rulebook and army books are based off of. Unfortunately, you’ll often hear people complaining about terrain, specifically too little. Let’s take a look. What happens when there is […]

40K: Grey Knights in the Tourney Circuit

Kirby 6 Minute Read June 14

Last week I attended a NOVA style tournament in Australia with my new Grey Knights called Event Horizon. I finished in the top 8 based on win/loss, 5th in battle and 11th overall (half-painted army, what do you expect!?) and was able to get some games in quick succession with my Grey Knights. This post […]

40K: Tournament Preparation 101

Kirby 4 Minute Read May 11

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been attempting to paint my new Grey Knight infantry for a tournament at the end of May. It’s coming along…slowly but what this reminded me of was something I think a lot of people forget. How to prepare for a tournament. Since I’ve been painting madly I thought […]

Grey Knights: Not a combat army

Kirby 6 Minute Read April 19

Everyone is up in arms over the new Grey Knights and their free Force Weapons across the board. What everyone is failing to realise is Grey Knights are not built around their Force Weapons but their Stormbolters and Psycannons. Yes, what the hell Kirby right? Well a discussion several posts ago about the combat viability […]

40k – Counts-as?

Kirby 7 Minute Read April 5

Counts-as…the rage of the Internet is palpable but is it really that bad? fester (in place of Kirby) takes a look at the ins and outs of counts-as armies and looks at this contentious issue from both sides. G’day everybody. My name is fester and I am one of the many minions working for Kirby over on the Pink […]

40k: Redundancy – Duality and Speciality

Kirby 5 Minute Read March 15

Having a unit which is awesome and amazing and can do everything you could wish of it is great. Having two is better and having three is ‘best.’ This is the core concept of redundancy so let’s take a deeper look. (picture from Ron at From the Warp) It is everyone’s favourite pink blob again […]

40k Tactics – Saturation

Kirby 5 Minute Read February 16

Onyx Workshop It’s not just enough being able to damage your opponent, you need to be able to survive your opponent’s output as well. Saturation is a key concept to this. The Pink Fiend (aka Kirby) is back, and this time to discuss the concept of saturation. In our last two articles we looked at how […]

40k: Balancing Anti-Infantry within your List

Kirby 5 Minute Read February 3

There are a lot of armies out there which include lots of tanks and a lot of armies that don’t but a common theme throughout is infantry. You need to be able to deal with both to run an effective list. It’s that pink thing again, aka Kirby. Last article we looked at two different types […]

40k: Types of Anti-tank Firepower

Kirby 4 Minute Read January 24

Being able to deal with tanks is an important part of 40k and has increased in significance with tank armies being relevant again thanks to 5th edition rules. Let’s take a look at how one might effectively deal with different types of tanks.It’s the pink fiend Kirby from 3++ is the new black to discuss […]