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Larry Vela

Dad, Gamer, Publisher. All games all the time since junior-high. I should go outside more... I started BoLS Interactive in 2006. I’m a tabletop gaming enthusiast, and internet publisher dedicated to entertaining and informing my readers every day. Before BoLS I was a software development director for over 12 years. I've been playing RPGs and Tabletop Games since the 1970s.

CASTING CALL: Genestealer Cult Playtesters Wanted!

Hi everybody, You didn’t think we here at BoLS were just snoozing and playing with our Holiday presents over the last few weeks did you? We’ve been hard at work, building our mini-codices and making them as perfect as we can. The Genestealer Cult list is ready for a final round of external playtesting , […]

GW 2008 USA Tournament Schedule

Hear ye, Hear Ye!!! GW has announced the dates for this year’s US tournament circuit. Time to start building your tournament armies, and Golden Deamon entries. Games Day BaltimoreJune 14, 2008Baltimore Convention CenterBaltimore, Maryland Games Day ChicagoJuly 26, 2008Stephens Convention CenterRosemont, Illinois Games Day Los AngelesAugust 23, 2008Ontario Convention CenterOntario, California Grand Tournament Las VegasSeptember […]

RUMORS: 40k 5th Edition – Round 2!

Rumors brought to the comunity by warseer’s Brimstone: ~Following up on the last set of 5th Edition rumors we see this new updated list with even more morsels for us to chew on. Lets dive right in: 5th’ edition 40K is due for release in 2008 although we have conflicting reports about the release date, […]

Kingdom Death | Boutique Horror Miniatures

Kingdom Death – Boutique Horror Miniatures and Board Game “Boutique Horror Fantasy Board Game Experience Kingdom Death : Adventures into the abyss is an independent, lovingly crafted, high-quality, hobby board game. Pitting a table full of friends against countless abominations, terrors, and challenges. Gorgeous 35mm scale miniatures represent survivors in a world where humanity is […]

Secret Weapon | Resin Bases, Etched Brass & More

Secret Weapon Miniatures – Bases & Accessories Secret Weapon Miniatures produces high quality resin and photoetched brass gaming and modeling accessories — including severallines of scenic and display bases and 2mm letters and runes. SecretWeapon has also introduced “Instant Scenery Kits” for the best indo-it-yourself basing — everything you need to add scenic or thematicelements […]

MiniWarGaming | Discount Retailer

MiniWarGaming – Wargaming Retailer Whether you are looking for Space Marines, Space Orks, Warriors of Chaos, Warmachine, Hordes, or any other Games Workshop or Privateer Press products, or some much needed Hobby Supplies, you’ll find them all right here. We here at MiniWarGaming are dedicated to making your war gaming experience the best possible, both […]

Blue Table Painting | Commission Painting

Blue Table Painting – Commission Painting Blue Table Painting is a miniatures painting studio in Spanish Fork, Utah. We will paint almost anything! We specialize in 15-72mm scale figurines for fantasy, science fiction and historical miniatures battles games. We have an extensive library of work (over 3000 projects). Our turnaround is 3-5 weeks. We are […]

Battle Foam | Protecting Your Army

Battle Foam – Custom Cut Foam Trays and Carrying Cases Our mission at Battle Foam is to create high quality products for the miniature war gaming industry. We pride ourselves in creating exceptionally efficient products that are centered on your needs and satisfaction. We constantly research the miniature gaming industry to be on the cutting […]

Iron Halo | Resin Bases, Terrain, Painting

Iron Halo – Basing, Terrain, and Miniature Painting is a Wellington NZ based company run by Rachel and Alan Borthwick. We have been supplying painted Wargaming models and resin accessories to gamers all over the world since 2001. Rachel and Alan have over 20 combined years experience in Wargaming and miniature painting, and each […]

RUMORS: Codex: Planetstrike

-rumors brought to the community by warseer’s: dosadi ~Happy holidays all! Look what Santa left on our doorstep: Ok, since its Christmas I’ll spill what little I know.(…) It just feels like years of developing the game for strict tournament play is no longer the focus of the game…now it’s more about fun and creativity […]

Ho, Ho, Ho from London!

Hi all, You just can’t keep a good bigred down. After one very turbulent flight over the pond and a week in London, its time for a check in. Your faithful scribe is having a great time. Aside from the minor language mixups and some vague unease regarding the Underground (and its general lack of […]

Bigred goes to London

Hi all, For the next 2 weeks BoLS is in the trusty hands of your scribes: Mkerr, Bulwark, and Gentleben. I’m headed over to LONDON for the holidays!!! Now I know we have a lot of readers from London, so if you have advice lets hear it. I will be staying in Kensington quite close […]