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Larry Vela

Dad, Gamer, Publisher. All games all the time since junior-high. I should go outside more... I started BoLS Interactive in 2006. I’m a tabletop gaming enthusiast, and internet publisher dedicated to entertaining and informing my readers every day. Before BoLS I was a software development director for over 12 years. I've been playing RPGs and Tabletop Games since the 1970s.

GW Brass Scorpion Construction Guides

Hey guys, check out what GW just put up. Two little guides to building your own Brass Scorpions, including that really cool one from Games Day Chicago with the giant circular saw blades. Brass Scorpion Hobby Guides -I’m thinking the one that uses 3 Defiler kits might be a less popular choice that the one […]

Flaming Skulls Legio Logo Sheet

Hi Everybody, I’ve been going over many of the Titan legions from some of my ancient GW Epic books and picking another good looking scheme for the Traitors. I have settled on the Flaming Skulls Legio, with their fiery plating and tiger-striped carapace colors with gunmetal trim, these guys look mean! This is the traitor […]

GW Christmas Freebies!! Battle for Armageddon

Hi all A quick one here. GW through Specialist Games every now and then hands out one of their ancient boardgames absolutely free via Adobe Acrobat for all of us slavish fans. Recently they just released two really good games. I’m talking about Battle for Armageddon and its advanced rules supplement Chaos Attack. For those […]

GW Online Store: Deathwing (all of it)!

Trying to find that perfect holiday gift for the Dark Angel fan who has (almost) everything? Well look no further, because for a mere $1100 (usd) you too can get the Entire Deathwing! You get: Terminator Command Squad 100 Terminators 3 Land Raiders 2 Land Raider Crusaders What’s not to love?

Got Death Guard?

Its been a long road of about 3 years now, but I’m approaching the end. I’ve had a few requests for a “family photo” of my entire Death Guard collection, both Loyalist and Traitor, so here they are. Enjoy them in all their dirty-decayed glory. -I’ve got about a dozen more infantry to add to […]

ARMY LIST: Death Guard “Triple Vindie” – 2000pt

This post is part of a series of recommended army lists. It will document an entire list, with a short tactical summary and related notes. Army List – 2000pts 1 Chaos Lord (HQ) @ 190 Pts-Deamon Weapon-Plague Bringer-Mark of Nurgle-Bike (represented by his trusty Boar)-Melta Bombs-Personal Icon 9 Plague Marines(Troops) @ 325 PtsMeltagun (x1), Flamer […]

NEWS: Distant Rumblings…

We have 2 minor tidbits for you today. 1) There is further scuttlebutt on various forums that 40k 5th Edition is confirmed for Q3 (Aug-Oct) 2008. GW likes to release something “big” right around Gamesday UK, so it seems possible. I believe that would put 4th’s lifespan at right at 4 years, so not to […]

Warhammer 30,000 League – Week 8

The Heresy League is almost finished, and the Imperial Palace is under siege! We had a little over a dozen folks show up at Battleforge Games, and the Warhammer 30,000 League has only 1 week to go. This 8th week featured the Siege of the Imperial Palace. It was an Apocalypse game where 25,000 pts […]

Death Guard Vindicators

My Vindicators are finished and ready for action! These guys came together at pretty much the final hour, and I think the decals are what pushed them over the edge into a cohesive looking squadron. In any case, this trio will soon begin terrorizing the Austin metro area as part of my forthcoming Codex:CSM 2000pt […]

Coming Soon: BoLS Mini-dexes

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you all know what the Fly Lords are busy cooking up in our labs. The Age of Heresy campaign book, was a great experience and a labor of love for all of us here. we will probably be kicking out a giant full sized (80-90 page) book like it […]

PROJECT: Death Guard Linebreaker Squadron – Part 1

“Somebody call for some backup?” I’ve been posting a little lightly during the turkey day holidays because1) GW news is pretty dead right now2) Ive been building and spraypainting these pretties: Its the start of my Death Guard Linebreaker Squadron. We are approaching the end of our Horus Heresy campaign, and those Palace Walls aren’t […]