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Larry Vela

Dad, Gamer, Publisher. All games all the time since junior-high. I should go outside more... I started BoLS Interactive in 2006. I’m a tabletop gaming enthusiast, and internet publisher dedicated to entertaining and informing my readers every day. Before BoLS I was a software development director for over 12 years. I've been playing RPGs and Tabletop Games since the 1970s.

Star Phantoms Logo Sheet

The Badab Series is complete! Here we have the mysterious Star Phantoms, with the winning logo and scheme by our own George Miller. These guys have a proud history in the 40k universe, being the chapter who took on Huron Blackheart in the siege of the Palace of Thorns before breaking the rebels and hounding […]

40K SNEAK PEEK: IG Plastic Valkyrie

Image brought to the community by Plastic Legions (go give that man some hits!)Well, well, well, what an interesting weekend we’re having folks. Check out the plastic Valkyrie! Lets do a comparison of the Plastic vs the Forgeworld one. Do you guys see any differences? What about scale? As a old-time scale modeller its interesting […]

40K RUMORS: Imperial Guard Vehicle Details

Rumors brought to the community by Inmaterium’s: Coballdge and Warseer’s: Scryer in the Darkness Latest IG tidbits translated from Spanish. TROOPS Penal Battalion: 50 pts. 1 Custodian and 9 Penal troopers. Ld 8. Rifle and close combat weapons. Scouts, Stubborn, “Desperate”. Chimera: 55 pts. 12 10 10 Tank, Amphibious, Mobile Command Vehicle. Multi-laser, hull Heavy […]

Red Scorpions Logo Sheet

The Badab Series moves on… Here we have the Red Scorpions. These guys have a long history in the 40k universe going back to Rogue Trader. The chapter not only took part in Badab, but are big players in both the Anphelion Project, and the Siege of Vraks. These guys have lots of cool Forgeworld […]

40K SNEAK PEEK: Forgeworld Brass Scorpion

You guys have GOT to see this thing. (Click through, there are LOTS of pics of it) Brass Scorpion Rotating Brass Scorpion~Its available for pre-order now, and ships out week of Feb.23rd. Me thinks Siege of Vraks Volume 3 is going to have some cool stuff in it. Keep that Dollar/Pound exchange rate in mind […]

40k RUMORS: IG Latest Details

Rumors brought to the community by Boot Camp’s: Mkoll and DakkaDakka’s: Death by Monkeys Presenting the latest raft of Imperial Guard rumors whipping about the tubes: – Command Squad Boxes will include all the special weapons in plastic (1 of each), 3 different officer heads, several different close combat weapons (Swords, Fists etc), various embellishments, […]

40k NEWS: Friday Odds and Ends

Hi all, a few things to take you into the weekend: Dawn of War II Pre-Order is up.Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II is now ready to pre-load across Europe from THQ’s digital store. Featuring bonus in-game content including an extra multiplayer map. The E-Shop edition, sold exclusively through THQ’s European Digital Store, can be […]

POLL: 40k Gladiator Smackdown Edition

Hi guys, As we ramp up for Adepticon the Fly Lords are waist deep into the rock-paper-scissors metagame of our favorite event: the No-Holds Barred Warhammer 40k Gladiator. Here is the short rundown:2250ptsYou must build a standard army using normal FOC and codex restrictions.Forgeworld/Apocalypse units allowed with the following rules:-no Apocalypse formations or strategic assets-you […]

PAINTING: Layering vs Drybrushing

A guest post from Skarboy Hi again everybody! For this article I’ll focus on the “why” more than the “how” of things. There are plenty of publications out there that have good “how-to” articles in them; I’m more interested in helping people understand the concepts behind certain techniques then to tell them for the tenth […]

RUMORS: 40k & Fantasy 2009 Release Schedule

Rumors brought to the community by (Spanish site) Ok guys, this one has been making the rounds today so here it is. I will spare you the horrific babelfish translations and give you the basics as well as what we are hearing. 2009 Warhammer 40k & Fantasy -April: Imperial Guard (we hear May)-May: Fantasy […]

REVIEW: Creatures Anathema (Dark Heresy)

Hi all, Its review time, and let me welcome you to our first Dark Heresy article. Lets take a look at Fantasy Flight Games’ upcoming: Creatures Anathema: A Bestiary of Aliens, Beasts, and Daemons.First up, the basics. We have a hardcover supplement for Dark Heresy, weighing in at 144 full color pages. The book is […]