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Larry Vela

Dad, Gamer, Publisher. All games all the time since junior-high. I should go outside more... I started BoLS Interactive in 2006. I’m a tabletop gaming enthusiast, and internet publisher dedicated to entertaining and informing my readers every day. Before BoLS I was a software development director for over 12 years. I've been playing RPGs and Tabletop Games since the 1970s.

40K PLAY AID: Badab Teaser – The Minotaurs

Hi Guys, Badab is merely days away, and we are working on proofreading. For all you guys salivating for some Badab-era fun, here is a look at one of the more challenging paint-schemes to ever grace a tabletop. I present… Captain Minos and the Minotaurs. This is a space-based chapter that led an epic hunt […]

40k Deep Thought: Killing VS Surviving?

So I’ve been having a lot of discussions about what is the single key element that a unit can have in 5th edition. Without boring you with the myriad details, the lines have been drawn in the sand between two main camps who both think they have 5th edition all figured out: The Butchers“It doesn’t […]

40K Pic of the Day 7-26-09

pic submitted by reader: Joshua Goss “I request a Valkyrie and thet send me a Vulture… Gunner, Outta my seat NOW!”~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us!

WFB: Dreaming of Zharr Naggrund

So by now, everyone knows the big news from yesterday. It was revealed at Gamesday: Chicago that the Chaos Dwarfs are returning to Warhammer Fantasy. They are probably the new non-human new race mentioned here. Now as you can see from these two pics, the tiny little tidbits we have been given of the Chaos […]

NEWS: Gamesday Chicago-2009 LIVEfeed

Hi guys, Today is Gamesday Chicago, and the rumormill has been pulsating regarding something that GW has been planning to unveil for the masses. Never fear folks for Alex, Kevin, and Rick from Terranforge are on the job, reporting live to BoLS from the event floor all day. We will be updating this post reguarly […]

40K – FANTASY RUMORS: 2009-2010 Schedule

Hi guys, Its almost August and that means its about time for the rumormill to start cranking out the projected schedule for the next 4-6 months. Here is what we’ve been hearing as well as what’s been kicking around elsewhere around the net. Late 2009No big surprizes here. Wolves are officially confirmed by GW as […]

BoLSCon Update, Doubletree Deals

BoLSCon 2009August 22-23Doubletree Hotel, Austin, Texas HOT OFF THE WIRE: The Doubletree Hotel has lowered the BoLScon room rates to $89 per night. If you have already gotten your room, the discount will be applied to you retroactively. If you haven’t reserved it (use the blue link above) there has never been a better time. […]

40K Pic of the Day 7-23-09

pic submitted by reader: Lexington “In the grim darkness of the far kitty future there is only war!”~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us!

40K SNEAK PEEK: Veteran Sgt. Harker Mini

Picture brought to the community by Warseer’s: Mega Nutz Look what’s been hiding in the latest white dwarf, in the middle of a big picture spread. Oh those photographers are tricksy… We’ve cleaned it up a bit with some photoshop magic. With the recent news of the upcoming Iron Hands Stracken mini, it looks like […]

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