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Larry Vela

Dad, Gamer, Publisher. All games all the time since junior-high. I should go outside more... I started BoLS Interactive in 2006. I’m a tabletop gaming enthusiast, and internet publisher dedicated to entertaining and informing my readers every day. Before BoLS I was a software development director for over 12 years. I've been playing RPGs and Tabletop Games since the 1970s.

BoLS POLLS: 40k Changing ICs Edition

So I’ve noticed an interesting pattern of late with the Ork and Space Marine codices. If you look back at many of the older codices from the tail end of 4th you see the “old fashioned” view of ICs. From the Phoenix Lords to the Chaos villians you see important individuals with some pretty unique […]

Red Corsairs/Astral Claws Logo Sheet

Though my guards may sleep and ships may lay at anchor, our foes know full well that big guns never tire.-The Tyrant of Badab Watch out folks, because Huron Blackheart is coming your way. The story of the fall of the Astral Claws and their corruption into the Red Corsairs is one of the coolest […]

CAMPAIGN: Macharian Crusade: Week 2

The Macharian Crusade League is underway! We had almost over 40 folks show up at Battleforge Games yet again, and the Macharian Crusade is grinding forward. This second week featured all seven army groups pushing and shoving their way forward into their first warzones, and 1 hallmark game; The 4th Army’s Battle of Hoight. Lets […]

Sunday Odds and Ends…

Hi guys a few little items that have been building up on this slow Sunday: Dark Heresy Adventure ContestFantasy Flight Games has announced an official Dark Heresy Adventure Contest. The winner gets his work posted on the Fantasy Flight Games web site and receives a signed copy of Creatures Anathema, an upcoming bestiary book for […]

40k SNEAK PEEK: 2nd Wave Orks (Part 3)

Images brought to the community by Warseer and You all didn’t really think we were done with orky goodness did you? ~I’m blown away by the grots and slaver kit. If the pricelist listed here is correct and you get 10 little dudes, a squig and slaver for $15, then its one of the […]

TACTICA: Black Templars Introduction

Guest Tactica by Darkwynn: Hey guys today we have a quick and dirty primer on the Black Templars by one of the best Crusaders around, Darkwynn. This article will go into the basic strengths of the army and common buildouts you can both try out or expect to see on the 5th edition tabletop. Darkwynn, […]

REVIEW: Imperial Armour Masterclass Vol:1

~A guest review by: RedScorpionsGirl Imperial Armour Master Class Volume 1, the newest book produced by Forge World, was just released on 17 October 2008. This book, written by Phil Stutcinskas and Mark Bedford, brings you into the world of Golden Daemon quality painting and modeling. When you open to the contents (if you are […]

40K SNEAK PEAK: 2nd Wave Ork Pics

Images brought to the community by Warseer’s: MastroBurattinaio Look what showed up at Gamesday:Italy folks! We have 2 shots of the Ork battlewagon in open and closed top varietys, stormboys, Badtrukk and Snikrot. ~We’ll have those close up pics of the assembled battlewagon back soon, but it looks a whole lot more imposing all painted […]

CAMPAIGN: Macharian Crusade: Week 1

The Macharian Crusade League has been kicked off! We had almost over 40 folks show up at Battleforge Games, and the Macharian Crusade is off to a great start. This first week featured all seven army groups taking thier first steps into the unknown, and 1 hallmark games; The 1st Army’s Battle of Kallastin. Lets […]

DESIGN WORKSHOP: Arbites Shotgun Edition

Hi everybody, The Adeptus Arbites minidex is coming along swimmingly and should be going into playtest next week. There are a couple of sticky issues left and because I’m a big believer in “measure twice, cut once” I thought it would be best to get some feedback from you all first.