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Larry Vela

Dad, Gamer, Publisher. All games all the time since junior-high. I should go outside more... I started BoLS Interactive in 2006. I’m a tabletop gaming enthusiast, and internet publisher dedicated to entertaining and informing my readers every day. Before BoLS I was a software development director for over 12 years. I've been playing RPGs and Tabletop Games since the 1970s.

Valkyrie Logo Sheet

In celebration of the squadrons of Valkyries which are soon to be appearing on tabletops across the globe, BoLS proudly presents our over-sized Valkyrie logo sheet. As we gather together our flights of Valkyries, one of the most fun parts is designing the iconography for our air-cav. Here is a logo sheet providing a set […]

40K NEWS: The Imperial Guard have Shipped

Hi all, Watch out foes of the Imperium of Man, because the Imperial Guard are available today! Games Workshop also just threw up a slew of new tactics, assembly and painting guides to coincide with the new Imperial Guard releases. Imperial Guard: Getting StartedImperial Guard Command Squad Tactics Cadian Assembly and Painting GuideCatachan Assembly and […]

40K: Dawn of War II Soundtrack Available

Those fine folks over at THQ wanted everybody to know that there is now yet another level of crazed addiction for Warhammer 40k fans. The Dawn of War II official soundtrack is now available to download for free, via Steam. There are 20 tracks – details on these can be found on the news article […]

BoLS Minidexes: Titans and Flyers OH MY!

Hi guys, There is officially NOTHING going on this Saturday morning. And that means its time for a little BoLS announcement. As you know we are hard at work on the Badab War and that is keeping everyone heads down. While the Fly Lords are chained to the grindstone, I would like to let you […]

40K NEWS: Forgeworld Vraks 3 Goodies

Hi guys, Forgeworld has just put out thier latest set of Warhammer 40k goodies intended for Siege of Vraks: Part 3 up for preorder. We can now get decent shots of the Chaos models they showed off at this year’s Forgeworld: Openday Khorne Blood Slaughterer360 viewNurgle Blight Drone360 viewKhorne Daemon Prince360 view They have also […]

40K NEWS: Forgeworld 2009 Catalog

Get em while they’re hot… The Forgeworld 2009 catalog is available for free. Just send them an email with your contact details and its off. Get it here ~Its a slow news day, so this is a Forgeworld Open Thread. You can comment on anything Forgeworld related. Models, rules, great stories, likes, dislikes. Its all […]

40K REVIEW: Heroes of the Space Marines

A guest review by Timo Here comes another collection of Warhammer 40000 short stories, this time with a slightly misleading tittle. Really, this novel would have been better named (Anti)Heros of the Space Marines. You might share this view toward the end of this article, but for now, let’s get to the first story without […]

40K RUMORS: Plastic Trygon “Confirmed”

News brought to the community by: Word on the tubes is that the Plastic Trygon seen in the Apocalypse book is real and headed our way, possibly timed for a release along with an updated Codex: Tyranids (next year). ~Apparently the series of “big models” will continue slowly into other xenos races. Hooray!

40K Poll: Mechanized Edition

Alright folks. Everyone loves a Warhammer 40000 poll and today we have a juicy topic. There are many schools of thought within the 40k community regarding the role of mechanized lists. Some say all infantry, while others say 100 mech is the way to go, while others advocate a hybrid. The pros and cons are […]

40K RUMORS: Space Wolves Minis?

Whispers on the wind tell us the following: Space Wolves have two new main sets planned:-Wolf Guard in Terminator armour.-Plastic Long Fangs set. Currently the Grey Hunters and Blood Claws aren’t getting much of a makeover; however, there is the high probability of a BT/DA style upgrade box/sprue. There will also be several new metal […]

EPIC: The Quintairn Conflict

A guest post by Gr00v3r Starting on the Epic Campaign TrailIf you play a lot of tournament-style Warhammer 40,000 or Epic:Armageddon games with your mates, you eventually start looking for ways to vary the gameplay a little. One way of mixing it up a little is scenario play, which is a lot of fun, but–to […]