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Larry Vela

Dad, Gamer, Publisher. All games all the time since junior-high. I should go outside more... I started BoLS Interactive in 2006. I’m a tabletop gaming enthusiast, and internet publisher dedicated to entertaining and informing my readers every day. Before BoLS I was a software development director for over 12 years. I've been playing RPGs and Tabletop Games since the 1970s.

CHALLENGE: Pimp My Night Lords

~2nd image taken by 5-year old Littlered and attached at the insistance of Mrs.Red (she who must not be crossed) Hi all, Remember last week when I said I was working on a new expansion to my excessivly large Death Guard forces. Well here they are; an ancient Night Lords army that has been in […]

Thoughts on Marines and Chaos…

UPDATE: This just in from GW: “I just checked with Andy Hoare, who is as close as we have to a rules guru, and he has said that units cannot use Locator Beacons, Chaos Icons, or Teleport Homers from the opposing army. He is going to have the studio consider that question for the next […]

Rainbow Warriors Logo Sheet

By order of the Inquisition, Open these doors! CREEEAAKKKK…. By the Emperor, My Eyes, My eyes!!!SLAM! Its really hard to beat the Space Sharks for entertainment value, but I did manage to drum up one last chapter with lets say an “intriguing” history in the 40k universe. Lets hear it for the Rogue Trader era […]

BoLS Polls: Play for the Love Edition

So remember all that nonsense and mystery a couple of weeks back regarding the Amazon Poison Dart Frog? Well, its time to let the cat out of the bag. For the first time in 20 years, I’ve gone back on my promise and picked up another main-line GW product: Fantasy. I said I’d never do […]

RUMORS: Heavy Metal Incoming

Hi guys, The little birds have been tweeting. ValkyrieFor months we’ve been hearing of the much rumored plastic Valkyrie. There has been much talk over the months as to whether it was tied to the Planetstrike supplement that has been pushed back. We now hear that it is coming with the approaching Codex: IG that […]

REVIEW: Assault on Black Reach

Better late than never… As I’m sure you all already know the new 40k Boxed set for 5th Edition; Assault on Black Reach has been out for several weeks now. Many of you may not have easy access to local hobby stores or are just thinking of jumping into the Warhammer 40,000 hobby. If you […]

Fateweaver; Oracle of Tzeentch, by Gentleben

Hi guys, Gentleben is at it again, as he’s working through a new Chaos Daemons army. Today’s treat is Fateweaver, everyone’s favorite re-rolling failed saves two-headed magic chicken. Gentleben isn’t to sure but he thinks he may have gotten a one in a million mis-pack error as the Lord of Change he picked up not […]

Editorial: Whither Fantasy?

Why 40k players should Play Fantasy by Austin’s own: “Minus67”Imagine an army of fair elves holding gleaming spears, dark rituals of debased magic and climatic duels that take place not on the ground, but on the backs of nightmarish beasts flying in the sky. These are the images that inspire me to play Warhammer Fantasy […]


News brought to the community by Warseer’s: PhilbradImages brought tothe community by Warseer’s Jimbo1701 and Felix’s Gaming Pages Ok, a couple of new pics from around the web and some news from the GDUK seminars. On the pics front, we have these two images of the Ironclad Dreadnought CAD-design, and the Landspeeder Storm. On the […]