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The man behind HERO's Gaming Blog. Columnist: Bell of Lost Souls

Dystopian Wars: Fleet Overview

Play this game! Today let’s analyze the pros and cons of each faction of Dystopian Wars.  There’s currently 7 core nations to the game so I’ll go over them first.  Each faction has their own unique thing going for them, so I’ll try to touch upon their aesthetics as well as their playstyle in this […]

Editorial: Why You Should Play Dystopian Wars

Is that a Giant Squid or are you happy to see me? A quick blurp about why Dystopian Wars is awesome and you should play it. Movement is King Dystopian Wars, in a nutshell, is a naval steampunk version of chess.  Movement is absolutely crucial in this game and correct usage of your fleet’s movement, […]

40K EDITORIAL: The Most Powerful Armies in 6th (Allies Edition)

Let’s stare at the Allies Matrix. I SAID STARE. OK, now that we’re done staring, let’s think about all the crazy combinations. Lets hit it.  Keep in mind that Battle Brothers come with the best benefits because all allied units are treated as “friendly units.”  This means ICs can join them and confer their special […]

40K EDITORIAL: The Most Powerful Armies in 6th

Only the strong will survive. Well, 6th Ed. has been out for around a month now and it’s pretty clear me which armies are the most powerful.  I’m not going to beat around the bush here, I’m just going to flat out say it (not in any order): Necrons Grey Knights Imperial Guard For me, […]

40K Editorial: 6th Ed. and Directional Combat

“It’s clear to me that GW does not want 40K to be a competitive game.  You can tell because there’s zero consideration for game balance” I have played Warhammer 40K for a very long time.  I’ve seen the rise and fall of armies through almost a decade of ever-changing warfare.  Out of all the years […]

WFB: Army Book Review – Empire

The coolest guy in town. In the last couple of days, I’ve seen the majority of the internet have a panic attack over the upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Empire book. Lets talk about what we got. By this, I mean that they were dreading the latest creation by Robin Cruddace.  Given the fact that Cruddace doesn’t […]

WHFB: Player Tips and Advice – Tactics 101

The first piece of advice I have for newer players is knowing your enemy.  There is nothing more important than this piece right here. You look across the table and you see a bunch of units you don’t know, you already know this game is going to head into disaster.  Very few players have the […]

WFB REVIEW: 8th Ed. Vampire Counts Army Book

To start things off, I’d like to say that I’m very happy with the new Vampire Counts book.  It’s a solid army book with lots of different options and has tons of versatility.  Let’s take a detailed look. One of the things I enjoy the most when reading new army books is judging its internal balance: […]

40K: Necron Codex Review – Part 1

I received the new Necron codex this weekend and this review will hopefully nail all my thoughts on the book. Well guys, it’s been quite a long time since I posted.  I had a lot of chores with the new house, threw a house-warming party, got a new position at work and I worked Blizzcon. […]

WFB REVIEW: Ogre Kingdoms Armybook

Hi all!  The Ogre Kingdoms Army book is here.  Lets take a look at what’s new and exciting! The CharactersFor heroes and characters, the majority of them are a huge disappointment.  They’re severely overcosted, not as powerful or are non-competitive.  Some of the fluff is good, but the majority of the named characters are not […]

40K: Remembering Who We Are

I see the armies on the tabletop and have a deep sense of dread come upon me. I feel we as players have lost our way…I saw a thread on the interwebs a few days ago that had to deal with creativity and army list construction.  I’m not going to go into too much detail […]

WHFB: Tomb Kings Army Review

The Tomb King book got released last week and I want to run by a quick review of the army book. Lets go! One of the greatest things to note about the army book is that it’s incredibly balanced.  I never thought GW is capable of such a thing, but I think the book is […]

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