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Tyler Mengel

Tyler Mengel, the man behind Mengel Miniatures. Columnist at Bell of Lost Souls.

INTERVIEW: Black Library’s Josh Reynolds

Black Library’s pool of authors is constantly growing. One of its rising stars is Josh Reynolds, best known for his Blood of Nagash series and The Returns of Nagash. Today I was able to sit down with him and see what goes into the process of bringing some of the Warhammer world’s most infamous villains […]

REVIEW: End Times – Khaine

The End Times: Khaine came out last week to add yet another phenomenal chapter to the End Times story. The Rhana Dandra has come, and the Elven nations will never be the same again. Like all of the End Times books so far, the presentation on this one is top notch. The cover is clean […]

End Times Khaine: Tally of Destruction & the Dead

With each new End Times book comes a new swathe of destruction cut across the Fantasy world. Famous and well known characters bite the dust and entire lands crumble into history and Khaine was no exception. I think this would go without saying, but SPOILERS below! SPOILERS!!! Seriously… Naggaroth The home of the Dark Elves comes under […]

BREAKING: 40k/Fantasy Crossover?

Games Workshop has been working for years to further separate 40k and Fantasy from each other.  They just blurred the lines a bit!  Read over this bit I found in the new Khaine book and see what you think of it. SPOILERS AHEAD! So after reading a particular passage in the End Times: Khaine, I […]

HOBBY: Constructing a Necropolis

As some of you may know, the Armies on Parade competition happened recently.  What does every Armies on Parade entry need? An awesome display board. With no Golden Demon in the US this year I had to get my painting competition fix somehow, so I figured why not? When I first started this project I […]

REVIEW: Quartermaster App

What’s Quartermaster you may be asking? It is the simplest, and best army list writing tool I have encountered so far! … and it can fit in your pocket! Today I take a look at what makes this App so great and why you should be writing your lists on it. I first came across […]

WFBLore – Glottkin: Tally of Destruction

Another End Times book, another round of earth shaking deaths and revelations. Although Glottkin can’t compete with the body count from Nagash, it still has some pretty important, shocking, and just awesome deaths in it. Let’s get started. +++SPOILERS+++ Marienburg When you think of the Empire there are a few cities that immediately spring to […]

REVIEW: End Times – Glottkin

End Times II focuses on three brother known as the Glottkin, Nurgle’s mortal champions in service to Archaon. Together they intend to bring the Empire to its knees.Following up on the Nagash book is the highly anticipated part two of the End Times series from Games Workshop. The presentation for this book set is just […]

HOBBY: Magical Effects – WFB Skullstorm

I have been wanting to make this model for awhile now, pretty much ever since I saw the Balewind Vortex after I started playing Tomb Kings. There is just something about creating a visual element for the action elements of our games, from explosions to spells, that takes them to the next level. For those […]

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