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Noah Hallett

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40K: Great Moments in Gaming!

Noah Hallett 3 Minute Read July 19

Hello folks! NoName1 here from Warhammering, to talk about those great moments in gaming. We’ve all had them – that single roll that determines a victor, that one save that goes so perfectly (or so terribly wrong!) that it makes the whole evening! Maybe it’s that crucial moment – you have four wounds and a […]

40K: 7th Edition Eldar Unbound List

Noah Hallett 2 Minute Read June 28

Hey folks! NoName1 here from Warhammering, again, to talk about Unbound and Eldar. This time, with a list! I’ve talked before about my excitement about Unbound. This time, I’d like to present an actual Army List I want to field (and likely will this weekend): Image Credit: Nadezhda Reka Asurmen (Warlord. Gotta love 3x Warlord Traits, […]

40K: The making of a DIY Gaming Table!

Noah Hallett 4 Minute Read June 26

Hey folks! NoName1 from Warhammering here with another editorial. This time, the making of a gaming table!I’m guessing just about everyone reading this has a gaming table of some flavor or another already, but I wanted to take a moment to share what I did to make mine, and why I did it the way […]

40K/30K: Let’s Read!

Noah Hallett 2 Minute Read June 15

 Today it’s op-ed time, let’s talk Horus Heresy books – the good and the bad! Hey folks! NoName1 from Warhammering here with another “short” article. There’s an itch for us 40K gamers that the games and Codices and rulebooks, try as they might, just can’t scratch. Each of them offers these tantalizing, tiny glimpses and the enormously […]

40K Getting Tabled: Learning from Defeat

Noah Hallett 3 Minute Read June 12

Something has gone terribly wrong… Hey folks! NoName1 from Warhammering here to talk about losing, with grace and style!So I played a game last night (sorry folks, still 6th, my circle is taking our time switching over to 7th) against a friend’s Ravenwing Dark Angels. He heavily favors Black Knights (with their twin-linked mini-plasma guns) […]

40K: The Awesome Side of Unbound!

Noah Hallett 4 Minute Read June 11

Hi folks! NoName1 from Warhammering here to talk about the big, controversial, elephant in the room: Unbound List BuildingNow, before you start throwing rotten fruit, let’s think about this – It seems clear the rules were written, not for competitive play, but to give players across the globe the tools to make some skyscraper-scale cinematic […]

40K: Eldar in 7th Edition

Noah Hallett 4 Minute Read June 9

Hey Folks! NoName1 here from Warhammering to talk about possibly the most polarizing army in 40k at the moment: Eldar!Eldar have been, for a while now, probably the single most hated army on the 40K Tournament scene – for several reasons, but most notably the ridiculousness that is the Wave Serpent and the Jetbike Seer Council. But! […]

Android Netrunner: Taking the Plunge

Noah Hallett 2 Minute Read June 5

Hi folks! NoName1 from Warhammering here with my first, and hopefully not last, post on the hottest new kid on the block: Android Netrunner! First off, what is Android Netrunner?Glad you asked! Android Netrunner is a new(ish) Collectible Card Game (CCG, for noobs out there) out of Fantasy Flight Games. Check out the introduction on their website here. […]