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Randall Madden

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Dropzone Commander: The Commanders, Part I

   The brain in the body that is a Dropzone force! Today we begin a discussion of those valuable Commanders, their role in the army, and the tactics they best employ. We have worked our way through the factions now, and it seems that the next best place to go is to the Commanders. These […]

Dropzone Commander Factions: The Resistance

With the basic book factions covered, it is time to move on to the Reconquest. The Resistance are live, and there is a score to settle!    When the Scourge launched their invasion of Earth and the Cradle Worlds, humanity was fragmented under the terrible assault. Many of the more intact elements made for the […]

Dropzone Commander Factions: The Shaltari Tribes

Today we finish up the initial four factions of Dropzone Commander with a discussion of the Shaltari Tribes. We will return to humanity next time with an article on the Resistance, but for now our focus turns to the stars far from Earth… The Shaltari Tribes are the ancient, distant, and often cold alien entity […]

Dropzone Commander: The Post-Human Republic

Faction discussion for Dropzone Commander continues today, with the Post-Human Republic(PHR) making their appearance in the spotlight. The Sphere knows best! Having covered the main protagonist (UCM) and antagonist (Scourge) in the Dropzone universe, today we shift to one of the other factions vying for supremacy in the not-too-distant future. The Post-Human Republic is comprised […]

Dropzone Commander Factions: The Scourge

Today, the evil Scourge make their appearance in our faction spotlight. None can stand before their implacable will, and all will be enslaved… With the United Colonies of Man addressed in our last article, we now turn to their arch nemesis, the insidious Scourge. These guys are definitely meant to be the bad guys of the Dropzone […]

Dropzone Commander: The UCM Needs You!

What is Dropzone Commander? Keep reading to find out; if you aren’t playing, you should be! Dropzone Commander is a 10mm scale tabletop game, produced by Hawk Wargames. It pitches two or more players into a battle of fast-moving armies that seek to accomplish missions across the battlefields of a not-too-distant future. Dropships are the name […]



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