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EDITORIAL: Sore Losers and their Remedies

The Emily Post of BoLS returns. This week: how to identify and avoid being a sore loser. During a discussion at the last group gaming night we griped about sore losers – the many kinds and their behaviors. A few of the most seen types: The “I Just Want to Have Fun, but Not Really” Sore […]

WFB SHOWCASE: Ryan P. Smith’s Avatar Wood Elves

I had several requests for more photos and information about the Wood Elf army I played at Wargames Con. Ryan, their creator, was nice enough to share the background behind the army and some great photos.  “The army, as fielded at Capital City Carnage in March: Going from the top, you can see the Leonoptyrix (Great […]

What comes after “Goodbye”?

My favorite FLGS closed this past Monday after a hard fight to stay open. The local community is mourning this loss… and working through our emotions to find a replacement home. The store was a hub for many of us in the local gaming community – it was the only game store some of us […]

40K: WAAAGH! Da Orks! Pt. 3

Guest Post by Melissia Greetings! It’s a bit weird writing these articles. As I was typing this one, the first Ork article had just been posted on the blog a couple days ago– meaning I finished writing this one two weeks ago, just as I finished writing the second one (Snakebites) three weeks ago and […]

WarGamesCon: The Bottom 10 Percent

My win count was at nil, but I had a lot of fun last weekend and I met some great folks. All in all, I got what I wanted out of WarGames Con.I came in 35th. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t go home with the Space Marine Battalion box and the nifty […]

40k: My Extra Fluffy Special Characters

When the standard fluff isn’t enough, make up your own. I’ve heard stories about special characters that diverge from the standard fluff created by loving players to fit into thier own take of their gaming universe. Some of these back stories are based on carefully planned paint schemes and modifications, and others on various mishaps and mistakes. Here are […]

The Pre-Con Rush and My Expectations

WarGames Con is only a week away, and I’m feeling the time crunch. How about you? For those of us that have demanding jobs, family obligations, and are in school it can be hard to find the time to play, let alone get prepped for a large scale con. I’ve spent the last few weeks […]

WAAAGH! Da Orks! Pt. 2

Guest Post by Melissia Here’s one of the hardest armies to build using the Ork codex– Snakebites. There’s no Feral Boyz, no Madboyz, no Squigs, and so on and so forth, so in order to challenge myself, I’m going for it.  Get stuck in after the jump:Thinking medieval style cannons and mortars, lots of Boyz […]

40K Army Lists: WAAAGH! Da Orks! Pt. 1

Guest Post By MelissiaGreetings, let’s talk about Orks! While I could talk about the in the Ork tongue, I don’t think most people would actually want to read that (besides, my H key would start to feel neglected), so let’s stick with Low Gothic.The Ork codex, despite not being a fifth edition codex, has a lot […]

Pick-Up Games: Jerks Need Not Apply

I’ve seen a variety of ways to handle winning or losing a friendly pick-up game. A lot of them suck. I’ve seen yelling, outbursts of profanity, stomping out of the gaming space to cool off outside, catty back talking, breaking models, and throwing things. On the other end I’ve heard pompous bragging about how large a win […]

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