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The Merits of Goofball Gaming

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m not a hardcore tournament player. Nor am I a brilliant painter. One thing I am, though, is a person that likes to play Warhammer – the non-ball crushing kind. Last week Strangleweb posted an article asking us why we play. Responses came from über competitive players that have fun by winning, […]

Mathhammer… Oh, How I Hate Thee.

  Why would someone with dyscalculia start playing a game nicknamed “mathhammer”? For those unfamiliar: dyscalculia is a set of math related disabilities. Think of it as dyslexia – instead of the “there is no doG” joke, my joke would be “2 and 2 make fish.” I get the concepts, but numbers don’t translate properly. This, as […]

EDITORIAL: Death of a Unicorn

My army may be the sparkliest thing to hit a gaming table, but I am not a unicorn. I’m not a gamer girl. I’m just a gamer. Just like you. I’ve participated in a number of discussions about women who play Warhammer. There are usually mentions of how rare we are. Assumptions are made about […]

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