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The Tabletop Fix is a newsblog about wargames and miniatures. Unofficial - Independent - Non-Commercial.

Outside the Box 03-05-11

It’s that time of the week again! And  we have an exciting premiere, first time with Exclusive content! That’s right, something that hasn’t even been on the Tabletop Fix yet! And of course the usual mix of historic, SciFi, Steampunk and Fantasy from Warlord Games, Wyrd Miniatures, Mantic Games and Antenocitis Workshop. Additionally, a brand […]

Outside the Box 02-28-11

I know, I know, I’m late. Just came back from Oz yesterday and somehow my boss expected me to catch up with work first :). Today we have a lot of news from Warlord Games and Mantic Games, additionally, a brand new preview from Harwood Hobbies and a short movie featuring ZombieSmith’s Quar! Warlord Games […]

Outside the Box 02-19-11

Here we go again, and we have a lot of news: Warlord Games, Infinity, Mantic Games, Wyrd Miniatures and Spartan Games! Additionally, a brand new preview from On the lamb Games and the coolest 15mm army I’ve ever seen (seriously, I’m going to buy them although I’m pretty sure  I’ll never play with them :D). […]

Outside the Box 02-12-11

Hello Ladies an’ Gentleman t’ another edition o’ Outside the Box! We be havin’ news from Warlord Games, Dream Pod 9, Spartan Games and Mantic Games,An’ maybe ye`ve already noticed, ’tis time fer a pirate special, ya landlubbers! Dream Pod 9We got something new for Heavy Gear Arena, the Wildcat and Copperhead sets: Each pack has enough […]

Outside the Box 02-05-11

It’s time for the news again! And we have interesting stuff from Spartan Games, Wyrd Miniatures, Manttic Games, and Perry Miniatures. Additionally, Studio McVey with their brand new Sedition War range as the Exotic of the Week. Wyrd Miniatures Let’s start with Wyrd Miniatures. They not only announced their february releases, including Hamelinthe Plaguebringer and […]

Outside the Box 01-29-11

This week we have new for you from Spartan Games, Wyrd Miniatures, Infinity, Warlord Games and Mantic Games. Additionally, we have a Fantasy building special and an exclusive preview of new Harwood Hobbies miniatures! Warlord Games A lot of Bolt Action releases this week, including new Chindits and the re-release of three Sherman variants and […]

Outside the Box 1-22-11

And it’s time for your weekly fix again! This week we have news from Mantic Games, Infinity and Micro Art Studios, Warlord Games and MaxMini. And because I like it so much, our exclusive preview of the Axony Bull Regulars for Brushfire from On the lamb Games! Before we start, you might have heard that Bastion […]

News: Ex Illis in Peril

Bad news, everyone: Bastion Games, the company behind the innovative and more and more popular Ex Illis, announced a (presumably temprorary) shutdown. From their announcement: Right after the holidays, a series of event led us to the conclusion that a shutdown of operations, at least a temporary one, was needed. While sales are on the rise, […]

Outside the Box 01-16-11

Hello Ladies (?) and Gentlemen, and welcome to another issue of Outside the Box. A bit late, but I’ve had to play tourist guide for a dear friend, and enjoyed awesome things like jetboating and watching her jumping off a bridge (with a rope around her feet, of course). Today I bring you news from […]

Outside the Box 01-08-11

Long time no see! Well, there wasn’t much to talk about in the last couple weeks anyway. Many of the larger companies are hibernating or do nothing but whining about the VAT increase in the UK. Anyway, I found some news for you including Warlord Games, Wyrd Miniatures, Spartan Games, On the Lamb Games and […]

Outside the Box 26-12-10

Ho-Ho-Ho, I know most of you already suffer from withdrawal symptons, but fear no longer, here is your next dose of shiny new miniatures! Warlord GamesNot only one, but three new variants of the german Stug III for the Bolt Action range are now available from these guys.   Additionally, they released Operation Squad, a […]

Outside the Box 18-12-10

Here we go, I recovered from the Xmas-Party season enough to be able to write in whole sentences again. This time we have interesting news about Ex Illis, Spartan Games, Warlord Games, Mantic Games and a very kawaii! Exotic of the Week. Warlord GamesThese guys were suspiciously silent this week, the only noteworthy news from […]