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The Tabletop Fix is a newsblog about wargames and miniatures. Unofficial - Independent - Non-Commercial.

Outside the Box 05-01-11

  Here we go again, you get double-tapped this week! I proudly present news for Warlord Games, Mantic Games, ElodiMae, Dreamforge Games, Antimatter Games, MaxMini and Red Box Games.Warlord GamesStill a lot of WWII (re-) releases, we got the italian Autoblinda Lince and the russian Komsolets armoured tractor, as well as the brand new Morris […]

Outside the Box 04-26-11

  Hello everyone, a rather short one today. But still there are some great news from Warlord Games, Secret Weapon Miniatures, Spartabn Games, Sphere Wars and Mantic Games, as well as a game involving a dog skull. Intrigued? Read on!Warlord Games This time limited to WWII, Warlord Games released two new vehicles (the Churchill Mk […]

Outside the Box 16-04-11

  This week we have again the full range from Warlord Games over Wyrd Miniatures and Spartan Games, Infinity, Mantic Games, Bane Legion to Soda Pop Miniatures and HiTech Miniatures!  Enjoy! Warlord Games Not sure if there will be a newsletter this week from them because they should be at SALUTE 2011, but that gives […]

Outside the Box 04-09-11

  Remember me? Due to some hardware problems and a stressful time at work I had to skip one week, but now I’m back with a big heap of cool stuff for you!  And trust me, there is a lot piling up over two weeks. Warlord Games A lot of news for the WWII Bolt […]

Interview – On the lamb Games

Hello folks, recently I’ve had the chance to interview Emily Fontana from On the lamb Games. Enjoy! me:  Let’s start with the simple stuff:Who are you and what do you do for a living? Emily:  My name is Emily Fontana, and I’m one of the three main staff of On The Lamb Games. I handle […]

Outside the Box 03-28-11

  Late again! Unbelievable… This week I have news from Warlord Games, Perry Miniatures, Avatars of War, Mantic Games, Infinity, Alkemy and Olley’s Armies as the Exotic of the week. Well, it’s hard to top last week, but still a decent outcome 😉 Warlord Games As usual, a nice mix through all eras: A new roman […]

Outside the Box 03-19-11

  Whoohoo, this week apparently everybody do to show something awesome! We have the full program of Warlord Games, Wyrd Miniatures, Spartan Games, Infinity, Mantic Games and Dream Pod 9 plus, as usual, a little extra! Warlord Games Well, their last newsletter didn’t arrive in time, therefore double dose of historical awesomeness this week! First […]

Outside the Box 03-12-11

  Welcome to a new edition of Outside the Box. Today we have news from Warlord Games, Dreampod 9, Spartan Games, Infinity, Mantic Games and adorable new terrain from Architects of War. Additionally, our Exotic of the week takes us to the wonderful world of spaceship combat! Warlord Games Hail Caesar! Warlorrd Games now accepts […]

Outside the Box 03-05-11

It’s that time of the week again! And  we have an exciting premiere, first time with Exclusive content! That’s right, something that hasn’t even been on the Tabletop Fix yet! And of course the usual mix of historic, SciFi, Steampunk and Fantasy from Warlord Games, Wyrd Miniatures, Mantic Games and Antenocitis Workshop. Additionally, a brand […]

Outside the Box 02-28-11

I know, I know, I’m late. Just came back from Oz yesterday and somehow my boss expected me to catch up with work first :). Today we have a lot of news from Warlord Games and Mantic Games, additionally, a brand new preview from Harwood Hobbies and a short movie featuring ZombieSmith’s Quar! Warlord Games […]

Outside the Box 02-19-11

Here we go again, and we have a lot of news: Warlord Games, Infinity, Mantic Games, Wyrd Miniatures and Spartan Games! Additionally, a brand new preview from On the lamb Games and the coolest 15mm army I’ve ever seen (seriously, I’m going to buy them although I’m pretty sure  I’ll never play with them :D). […]

Outside the Box 02-12-11

Hello Ladies an’ Gentleman t’ another edition o’ Outside the Box! We be havin’ news from Warlord Games, Dream Pod 9, Spartan Games and Mantic Games,An’ maybe ye`ve already noticed, ’tis time fer a pirate special, ya landlubbers! Dream Pod 9We got something new for Heavy Gear Arena, the Wildcat and Copperhead sets: Each pack has enough […]